Saturday, September 10, 2011

GameNotes: Return to Hellfire Peninsula

I killed off my Games Blog in July and haven't written or played anything since. Part of my normal life is games, how I do love to step out of this world not just in my imagination, but in a virtual way. In an effort to get some normalcy into my now abnormal life, we present GameNotes, wherein I talk, ta da, about games.

When we last saw our heroine Merlinne the dwarven Huntress and her faithful hound Goldilocks, they were slogging through Zangarmarsh. I reached a spot and found my quest log is full, so I decided to backtrack to the dread Hellfire Peninsula, the opening area of Outland. I was getting my dwarven self kicked by the really nasty stuff in the Peninsula, even with occasional help from my sister or son, so I had moved forward to the weenie Zangarmarsh area.

I am a completist, though, so I'm going to find a way to get the quests in the Peninsula done if it kills me, and it will. You can see from the map how many places I have left in this area where I can meet my demise. At least in the game world, your demise is only temporary. Very cheering.

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