Saturday, October 15, 2011

Installing Deus Ex: Steamed Again

So...I don't buy computer games much anymore because so few are made. It used to be you inserted the disc and could watch a cute little slide show while the game installed. The fun began right away.

Now...I buy a game made by Eidos and Square slide show, but I need my Steam password to even begin installing. Dig out pass, check.

There are four different activation codes in the box. Final one works.

Installation one hour! No slideshow!

And, for some reason the installation is consuming my system resources and is interfering with my internet connection! So...I'm going going to have to copy and paste this into Word so I can post it when the hog is done. Yikes.

Also, without asking I noticed Steam installing something for Half-Life Two which I may or may not have wanted.

This is why I don't like these online "services".

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