Saturday, October 15, 2011

So much for sneaky

Finally installed. Game looks great. There are a couple of ways to play:

Story Mode (Known as too steenkin EZ, you're a weenie mode)

Challenge Mode (Lots of baddies attack you around every corner mode)

I'm taking the Challenge Mode, why not? So we begin our story in a future where genetic augmentation is about to be made available to everyone. Apparently someone doesn't like this idea so our pristine lab comes under attack after a brief tour of the facility.

Shiny lab

After a bunch of alarms went off and I was sent to find out what happened, I was all sneaky, walking through corridors, working my crouch move, staying behind boxes. I get to a big room with two bad guys, pop up from behind my box and take them by surprise with my mighty machine gun. Oops! They must be augmented and I'm not, cause they just shoot me down like a doggie.

So...I'm stopping there for the nonce. I'm wondering if my sluggardly form will be found lying there and I'll be brought back all full of superhuman parts so I can go back after those chumps for a bit of revenge. Seems likely. They took no damage at all so its a put up job, I'm thinking. Or...I reload and try to be sneakier. We shall see.

Note: My sneaky husband wanted to try out the game. After grumpiness for having to dig out the Steam Password in order to play, he was in. He wasn't playing long at all when he came upstairs. He was bored with the cutscene and left the characters traveling up an elevator....he goes back down and is gone for awhile. He says he got past my guys who were EASY. Went aways and encountered a third guy, aways more, and a fourth guy killed him.

While playing Bioshock, he developed a sensitivity to the movement on the screen and he gets queasy after a small bit. At least he got farther than me and he has provided a bit of intel as to what's ahead. Have to be sneakier on those first two guys. Who are EASY.

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