Saturday, March 10, 2012

5 Things I Hate About My iPad

I thought for quite awhile about buying an iPad.

I thought it would be a lighter more convenient version of a laptop. (It is very portable and light and pleasant to snuggle with in your reading chair or in front of the tv.)

I liked the idea of the touch screen interface. (This has been nice though all too often ads on the sides of screens come up with the lightest accidental touch while some web sites are very slow to load.)

I largely bought it as my choice of an eReader, so that I could purchase and handily read with no waiting my favorite books. (As it turns out, it is nice to get books I'm required to read, or long out of print books by favorite authors this way but for my favorite writers I still want my very own hardcover copy that I can read without permissions or the possibility that "rights" will be taken away summarily.)

I would love to get another tablet sometime but I hope when I'm ready there is a good solid competitor for the iPad because:

The original iPad I purchased was out of date within six months of purchase. Had I but known that a new version was coming out in March of the next year, I would have waited and perhaps been a happier iPad owner.

Autocomplete and auto-capitalization

Good grief this thing is a MONSTER for filling in nonsense letters between words and capitalizing where you don't want it. Try to type in a password..agh. There is also this bizarre auto-replacement of words with new words of a completely different meaning. You can find yourself saying the most awful and awkward things if you aren't careful.


Every app update requires you to go through the iTunes store. The store is a pain to search for anything you actually want, but even just updating existing apps requires a login.

In order to upgrade your operating system (and they do not notify you in any way when an upgrade is available) you must physically connect your iPad to a pc or Mac that has iTunes installed. You must also keep your iTunes version up to date, you are also not notified that there is an update there. Why on earth you can't update wirelessly I can't imagine. Anyone thinking they can do without a pc once they've got their handy little iPad is going to be in for a surprise!

CTD since upgrading IOS

Once I did upgrade my IOS I find that my iPad crashes to desktop constantly. Web pages, applications...blah. I found that this is a known issue but apparently it is no biggie for Apple who I am beginning to think doesn't bother with fixes when they can re-do the device a bit and just have you shell out for a new one in a few months. Clever!

Video clips requiring Flash don't call, don't write!

You can't play any movie clips or video clips of any kind requiring Flash. I know I know, blah blah, Adobe is going to stop making Flash for mobile devices...but dudes, the word hasn't gotten out and EVERYONE IS STILL FREAKING USING FLASH.

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