Monday, April 16, 2012

Gnome in the Machine

I've been playing World of Warcraft for awhile now, and have two characters at level 70.  If I were more focused they'd be at level 85.  Once I've seen the whole world and done everything, the bloom will be off the rose, won't it?  I hate grinding but love the ability to reinvent myself so I make new characters now and then just to get a fresh perspective, and to start anew with some wisdom about how I can play better and evolve my characters better.

So while my son was home for a few days I created a new gnome Priest to run with his new Gnome Warrior.  Because I had said I was interested in trying dungeons and battlegrounds with this new character, he set me on a regimen of following his "tank" and just mashing shield and heal and doing no fighting myself.  On the one hand this was very boring and repetitive, on the other hand, I got a good intro to working with another character as a healer (oddly something my other more advanced healers have no experience with at all).  I also appreciated that we just rolled along through content, one other person makes such a difference.

We went into a random dungeon at level 15 and died pretty quickly.  I had thought I was doing pretty good as a healer to the group but nooo.  He told me afterwards I should have just healed him as the tank and the heck with everyone else.  This just seems so impolite and selfish though.  As a healer, I think I kind of get to be Mom Protector to a bunch of people and save the world etc.  He is most likely right because he goes in dungeons all the time to level rather than questing his way through the world, whereas I am a quest meister and want to complete every single quest in an area. 

I'm hoping to also become Ms. Dungeon Meister because I can voila save the world, heal the sick, bring back the dead, yo ho.  Who doesn't like that?  I have to get the guts to use Dungeon Finder on my own and go in and heal and rez and get yelled at by bozos so we can see if I have the Gnomish Healer Cajones after all.

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