Saturday, December 22, 2012

Make Your own Rebus!

One of my most popular posts is on Rebus making.  I admit they are fun.  You should make your own!

Go to   and choose Rebus from the menu on the upper right.

Note the text box with pre-written nonsense.  You will replace this with your own typed or copy and pasted text.

From the menu at the bottom of the box choose a font, font size and switch the Paper from a4 to Letter.  

Your rebus box should look like this:

Click on Layout Text to see your Rebus:

So!  My rebus was way too big to just copy into paint then post here.  I cheated considerably by copy/pasting it into Word, reducing the font size from 45 to about 12 then I took a screen shot of each page in Word and pasted it into Paint.  Cropping once more then saving as a jpeg.   Try a shorter phrase is the lesson!

 Here is a new rebus site that is tricksier

Click to Enlarge the Rebus!

 You'll never get this one, and not just because it is tiny.  Merry Christmas!

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