Monday, September 9, 2013

Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog...

Remember that song?  I love Johnny Cash. It captures why we love and yet can be a bit chagrined as dog owners, ya know?

The dog already has an appointment (overdue) this morning to have EVERYTHING looked at.  There was a note on the counter that there were "problems" and his things are in the garage.  6 am wake up call.  Waiting for my coffee to kick in all the way to bathe him and toss his things, and prepare to take him on in.

The bozoid has more medical problems than I do.  Allergies, ear problems, bad teeth...he's a mess.  The vet, who thinks I should have a better handle on this guy's issues (likely right) will yell at me.  Should have sent him in over the weekend  with my husband but thought I should not be such a weenie.

Have a good Monday.

Update: Drop off successful.  I told them to fix anything they see.  We'll just start from doggie ground zero.   There was a woman dropping off a baby beagle for neutering.  Lord they are cute dogs.  This guy had a thin ropy body and HUGE head.  And there's my mixed breed beagle with his coonhound markings and soulful eyes and all his problems.

I jump guiltily everytime the phone rings waiting for the vet to call and say blah blah blah this is one bad shape doggie.   It is hard to be me, I guarantee it.

Here is the sad panda beagle, all cleaned tip to toe.  I thought his allergies weren't bad at all this summer but they have been causing him nothing but trouble tip to tail.  A few days on a bland diet of rice and chicken, some majorly beagle drugs, and voila!  The snow can't fall fast enough for this guy's problems.

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