Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Last Days of DOA the Continuing Saga

Tuesday, Tuesday.  It is my late night day meaning I work 12:00-8:30.  Only one more left now! Evenings can be busy or very slow.  Last night was a slow starter then people began to pile up waiting as long questions such as ebook Readers and library cards (with quirks, like not a county resident, no ID, not the person who owns the card, lots of kids working on an assignment with a local school wherein they were supposed to get a library card, ask the librarian some pithy questions, get a form signed by their "Librarian friend") stopped the flow of peeps through the line.   With two people one circ and one reference working the issues, it just takes one person to tie up one of these and the line forms to the left. 

The old beloved Reference Desk

I do like what we call (or I do) the "uni-desk" or the "Single Service Desk".  One stop shopping and we all learn a lot from each other, everyone on both sides of the counter are (90%) of the time nice, everyone usually gets help and is happy.

Nobody came to my Red Mars discussion.  On the plus side, I made up some discussion questions for the book and for discussing Science Fiction Books more generally, which I can use here, so all is well. I'm hoping the other discussions have an audience.

A wild rumor of a Ninja retirement mini-bash for me had me pretty cranky.  I'm hoping that people respect that I have my own ways and I feel I shouldn't have a party or anything if I don't want one here at the last.  I understand the party impulses others have, but I've got none of them.  If the beaners would just stop and think, they'll recall I never go to anyone else's party either.  Not a party person, would rather just say goodbye in a nice civil manner and float out the door. 

Before work, I had the Murphy's Law book discussion with what is sometimes called the Mystery A Month Book Group and that went swimmingly.  Always a really great group of people there.  This mystery book group arose after I did a class on Mysteries for the activities director at the senior center as a cooperative effort.  Except for the timeframe where I was in chemo, I've continued going to meet with these ladies on the second Tuesday of the month and I treasure them and will keep joining in the discussions :)

That's my second to the last Tuesday.  Glad I wrote it this morning instead of last night since I was smokin' about the Ninja-You-Know-What.

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