Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Last days of DOA: Terrific Tuesday

These "last days" posts are just a diary of my last days as a librarian.  The blog and me shall live on, never fear.  Many people I've talked with don't recall at all what they did right before or after retiring so I thought I'd get the gist of it here for myself.  This retiring thing is HUGE.  You should remember it.  I bet all people recall is the PARTY and what food people brought.  Sillies.

Busy day!  I had a last meeting with the Public Services Committee in the afternoon.  Lots of good things ahead for that group.  I really have never been a fan of being on committees, but a few have been a delight:

Public Services  Who loves public service more than I do?  You'd be hard pressed to find someone.  I got the invite to the committee earlier this year when I was already set to retire this fall.  We looked at some accessibility issues and talked about my favorite thing, how to provide better service to our customers in a practical way.

Adult programming (in its early days when every branch had a representative there, it was quite exciting).  The enthusiasm and ideas flashing around the room were most excellent.

Young Adult Committee  Since I was on this committee for seventeen years and worked with a wide variety of creative folk it has to be my favorite.  Again, in earlier days we would have a once a year trip to Bookmen to purchase books, loading a cart.  We could even buy some for ourselves at a discount.  That multi-level warehouse was too cool.   We'd go out for lunch.  Quite convivial.  We read and talked about YA books.  We worked to track series books and did lists of recommended reading on topics like Tear Jerkers or World War I fiction for teens. 

Internet Mentors   Before we were so well staffed with uber-doggie tech support people, some of the librarians who appreciated technology and who were willing to help others both staff and public served as mentors to try to provide ongoing training and answer questions about new technologies as they were added.  A most excellent group of people!

I said goodbye successfully to longtime colleagues without breaking down.  Yeah me.  They're good. They're already excited about who might step into my spot and I am encouraging that because I've seen a lot of new and truly excellent people coming through in recent times and I know both branches where I work will be invigorated by new shiny ideas.  Tis a good thing!

Busy evening.  A bit of a weirdo vibe going on.  Where do these folks come from? 

I made a HUGE CASH REGISTER MISTAKE!  Agh!  Apparently easily corrected but what an eye popper!  And it didn't even scream like it does when you mess up.  Why why why.  I thought I was doing so well with that little monster of a contraption.  I thought we had an understanding

A Voice From the Past called to see if I was actually cracking these last few days.  Probably thought to hear stifled sobs wracking my voice, but noooo.  As she and I well know, Voice Modulation is a Pillar of Public Service Success.  Keep that voice smooth and the wildest beastie can be dealt with.

I was a little sad locking up.  You know those routines you take for granted can be the ones that get to you.

Two and a half more days and I transition to Librarian DOA at large.  Then we see things from the other side of the desk and think our wily librarian thoughts from a new perspective.


  1. I avidly reading these. Besides being a record of your last days working as a librarian, this is a great glimpse into that work for an outsider.

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying these, I am having a good time writing them. There is not better job in the whole world than being a librarian. You get to do everything, and you meet and work with the most remarkable people imaginable.