Friday, September 13, 2013

Last Days of DOA Thrilling Thursday

It actually wasn't thrilling or anything, but we used to have monikers for the days of the week that indicated how things were going.  Pretend it was a good week:

Marvelous Monday
Terrific Tuesday
Wierdo Wednesday (It is always Wierdo Wednesday)
Thrilling Thursday
Fortunate Friday
Stupendous Saturday
Salubrious Sunday

Feel free to adapt as best describes your week!

In late for a medical appointment.

I tried to wrest away main reference desk time from a poor sweet librarian thinking I was scheduled there but yikes, I was actually supposed to be back up on Mezz Reference.  Cone of Shame City.  My brain has been working just a bit less efficiently every day.  Well, actually it has transitioned to working on other things.  Let's go ahead and say it has left the building for the most part.  Really difficult to keep on target for these last few days.

My final program of my career was a Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners session taught by a very cool local Dungeon Master.  We only needed four people, and on the very day of the program we reached that robust number of registrations.  Not a single one of those registered people came to the event.  Also, a man who had noted we had teen Dungeons and Dragons programs in the summer  and had asked that we do an adult program that he could go to and brush up his skills and bring his 9 year old to....nope.   Nary a peep from the guy who drove the offering of the class in the first place.  And I had written to him along the way reminding him to sign up and bring pals!  And he wrote back that he was looking forward to it.  Righto buddy.

Miraculously, a very cool staff member who played in her callow youth and a last minute Teen who wondered if he could come to play made up three of our four players (I got to play, yay).  We had considerable trouble with goblins so the Dungeon Master  tossed in a Rogue to help us.  A very quick two hour program!  

On That Other Topic, apparently it was all a mistake and There Was No Spoon.