Friday, September 20, 2013

The Last Days of DOA: Final Friday

Today was a toughie.  I was sad most of the day.  Turning in my keys and badge was hard.  I don't suppose you remember the old TV show Branded with Chuck Connors. The theme song kept going through my head.   Poor Chuck, sniff.  I loved the Rifleman too.

I snarfed my co-workers desk time since I was only scheduled for an HOUR today, ack.   Karma City,  The DVD Screamer came in and was working herself into a nice lather but my desk mate calmed her down.

Then a really rude woman came in and yech.  Just in case I planned to be all "I love the planet today, and you...and you...and NOT YOU!"

I didn't ask to make announcements.  I did make this clip earlier in the day and it expresses exactly how I feel about leaving the place where I've spent most of my career.


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