Friday, September 13, 2013

The Last Days of DOA: Fortunate Friday

I do Volunteer training once per month, and today was the day for September.  People may turn in applications, but they don't always come to training.  I had a potential for four to five trainees this morning, and haven't had that many in ages.

True to the way the week has gone, two people came.  I thought they were just gems however and I of course found myself regretting that I won't be here to help them settle in on an ongoing basis.

I've re-worked and tweaked my training many times and I think I have it just right.  I was of course extra sweet and welcoming because I won't get to work with Volunteers anymore.  I am hoping the new person takes good care of them.

One of our long time volunteers stopped by this morning to say goodbye.

I ran into another at Library 2 this week.   Some of our folks have been with us since we opened the "new" library in 1992.  Many have faithfully straightened our shelves, worked on the book sale, and helped us put on large events.  There is always someone in the group who can help with whatever we need.  We would be a mess without them.

A wonderful customer who is always willing to talk books stopped in.  She reads voraciously.  I am often able to help someone pick out a book to read based on her recommendations.  She made me Caramels.  Rich buttery lovely caramels.  I am not sharing!

Very slow then wickedly busy on the desk this afternoon.  Nobody cranky at all, just everyone for awhile needed lots of help.  The best possible time on the desk is a nice steady stream of people who need you.

Time is short, I found myself talking and joking with most everyone.  I could tell one long time customer was surprised!  Nice person and all, I've just always been business like.  Now that I'm getting all smooshy about time being up, I've got the Rose Colored Reading Glasses thing going.

I've been kind of getting emotional all week, who wouldn't?  3 1/2 more work days and Poof.  Because of my three days here, two days there, schedule, I won't see all the staff again before I go.  I've been trying to lightly say "goodbye, been nice working with you" to people as I see them.  Lots of good folks in our library system.  Some truly fine people who will help you work through anything you need.

So, this sweet lady who is an absolute charm to work with stops by when I'm on the desk and says "I won't see you again, I wanted to say goodbye", like someone flipped a light switch I hug her and my eyes fill with tears and for a moment I'm just heartbroken.  And then I hug another lady who is leaving for the day who I won't see again, another sweetheart of the universe.  Struggling for composure I'm going "no more hugs, no more hugs, I can't hug anybody".

I'll have to find a dignified way to say those last goodbyes.


  1. It sounds like you're going out with a whimper, rather than a bang, with your very small sessions! To me, hugs and tears are dignified when you've become close to people.

  2. Composure is always important. Saying goodbye is always hard. Leaving a lifetime behind is harder yet.

  3. I am so excited for you! I like that you used Kermit, goodbyes are always so hard but whats ahead will be so nice for you!

    love you!