Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Last Days of DOA: Wayward Wednesday

I honestly wanted to use Wierdo Wednesday but I was on Mezz ref and no wierdos popped up in any of the modes handled by that desk.

Someone I worked with waaay back popped in.  One of the sweetest women on the planet.  Smart, funny.  Libraries and the world could use many more like her, could they not?  How lucky I've been to have known her.

I finished off my Dead Paperback Removal List just in the nick this morning.


Somehow I found time to sneak downstairs and hear the LRS Memorial performance of BINGO by one of the Children's librarians. He had those little people singing and clapping like you wouldn't believe.  It is such a happy song, completely silly.  I have requested he do Bingo a few times when the storytime was upstairs in the children's area, so he asked if I'd like to stop by to hear it once more.  The man has a wildly talented Moose puppet and he (the librarian) plays guitar.  No wonder those kids are rockin'.

 I also was lucky to get there just in time to hear the best reading ever of "The Napping House" by Audrey and Don Wood.  I read that one to my son many times but never like that.

A quiet couple of hours on the Mezz Ref Desk (mostly email and a single chat), then off to visit the County to make sure I am oozed out the door just so.   Busy short day, tomorrow shorter yet, then on Friday Poof!

One of my coworkers suggested I do the closing announcements on Friday afternoon.  What an excellent idea!  Reference always used to do the closing announcements because we had the microphone.  I could use my old sleek voice on them.

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