Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Last Days of DOA: Wily Wednesday

Since I work at two branches this was a day at branch two.  A nice day always includes desk time, and I had what is called "Mezz Ref" time.  This desk was briefly called something like the 'Digital Services Desk" to indicate that phone, chat, email and text reference questions were all handled here.

That has not changed but somehow it has reverted to a name that indicate it floats in the air.  On a mezzanine.

Floaty or not, it is interesting to work this desk because you may get the same type of questions you could get in person, but you have the leisure to take the time to answer and do the questions right. 

Sometimes there are lots of questions, sometimes there are few for your entire shift.  That could certainly be the case at the main desk as well, I suppose.

I spent some time in the morning working on a paperback weeding list via Collection HQ charmingly called the Dead Items Removal list.  It seemed to have a large number of supernatural romance and fantasy, making me wonder about the popularity of those genres.

There was an afternoon program from the Better Business Bureau on Identity Theft and Scams.  My program numbers are way up from yesterday's goose egg...three came (though one left when the presenter was late).   I personally learned a lot and the two attendees had lots of questions for our lady.

At one point during the presentation when she was enthusiastically naming all the ways that you can be scammed, I wished I could tell her she had a fair few mystery novel plots ready to go.

All though not a word was said about the you-know-what, I thought I detected quite an undercurrent of tension over the course of the day.  Tsk.

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