Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Last Days of D.O.A.

I'm not keeling over yet, but I do have only EIGHT more working days till I'm retired. 

I'll always be a librarian on the inside but externally I turn into that sometimes dreaded figure a customer!

                                                                  Where is my DVD?

I'll always be on the other side of the desk.  Sniff.  Can't make people feel comfortable and welcome.

I'll have to work at that just going into the library and not being one with the place, and all librarians know the last thing you do when you go into another library is, let them know you're a librarian.  So I can't wear my League of Extraordinary Librarians T-Shirt from Offworld Designs each time I go in.  I'll have to act like I know nothing about anything.  Muhahahaa.

I may have to search a bit to find a library I like, that I feel comfortable in.  How strange is that?  What if I run into BAD SERVICE and MORE BAD SERVICE?

Wish me luck!

So anywho, I thought I'll also diary my last days here so stay tuned.   This was my last ever Saturday/Sunday to work.  People were a little squirrelly, whiny, demanding, edgy.   Saturday went pretty fast, and so did the day today, but after awhile its Elmer Fudd time, you know?   Lots of long drawn out questions Saturday, tons of fines today.  Maybe it was the fines that had people edgy.

A rather notoriously loud and rowdy family was in today (parent curls up with headset at Internet, tones out bored kids for several hours....).  After they left a woman with one eye twitching came up and mentioned how she was trying to study and it was usually soooo quiet here but she could hear those kids waaaay back at the back of the building.   Truthfully the acoustics are such that sound travels all over pretty well.  

Because it was my last Sunday and they were getting to me too, I mentioned to them that they should go over to their father and tell him they were bored and ready to go home.  They looked at me, looked at him, then edged over to the area but not right over to him.  He spotted them and summarily waved them to get back over to the children's department.  Somehow he missed my piercing gaze.

Lots of nice families in getting homework stuff and beamingly getting books to read or request that the kids were DYING to read.  The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett (Origami Yoga Series)  had one young man just grinning.

The DVD Screamer was not in either day.  (As opposed to the now disappeared customer dubbed The DVD Pee'er...don't ask, I'm serious).

Off tomorrow for working today.  Late night Tuesday with an afternoon discussion of Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson which I'm likely to get no one for but I like book discussions, wanted to try some theme.  The other librarians are doing science fiction/fantasy themed discussions over the next few months and plan to do a new set on other topics in the next calendar period even though we don't know how these will go.  Librarians just love to talk books and that is a fact.


  1. After you get used to it (at least a month, maybe a lot longer), you'll love retirement! I did it 12 years ago, except that I'm writing full time now. But it's what I want to do and it's hardly full time. My body wouldn't take that! Good luck!

  2. Hi Kay! You're so busy all the time I would never guess you were retired. I have lots of dreamy plans but none include more work work work, all play play play :).