Sunday, September 22, 2013

What to do when you're retired #2 Make Lists!

I hadn't been aware before I started researching the Interior Life of the Retiree a bit that some people get a bit wacky and bored in retirement.

Their minds and bodies go kablooie.  Eek!  My body is kablooie enough, thank you.  My mind, well I think it has just been set free and I don't have to behave like a librarian anymore (although it is so ingrained and just plain me that it will continue to rise up).  I can be the jackanapes I was meant to be.  hehe.

I have been jealous all these working years of moms who didn't have to work in particular, but anyone who appeared to have a lot of time on their hands has probably been thought to be "sitting around on their dead a#%", a phrase that comes from my dad, I do believe.  Now that it is me, I'm sure I won't be so harsh.

To avoid Dead A$* Syndrome going in, I've made myself lists galore to give my life structure.  I have listed daily, weekly, monthly things that should be done around the abode.  I've determined that I don't want to be a hermit crab, so I made a list of things to do that will get me out in the world.  I've factored in daily walks for exercise.

You don't know it, poor foolish working peeps (hahahahaha), but you can apparently lose something of your sense of time because you don't have weekdays and weekends anymore.  It's all a haze of relaxation and fun times! Noooooo!  Who wants to fall into THAT trap?

So I have structured my days so I do household and garden chores in the mornings, write, read, relax (nap!!!) and make dinner in the afternoons.  In the weekday evenings I relax as I normally would but I'll have had that nap so I won't doze away the evening in my easy chair.  On the weekends I relax and play.  No fuzzy brain for me!  Of course, if I start posting pictures of sponges here everyday and no text, you will know I have succumbed.

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