Friday, January 23, 2015

A Cavalcade of Catalogs

Nothing like a good alliteration.  The catalogs have been pouring in.  I haven't ordered anything yet but SOON.   There are a few here I've never gotten before but I present them for your edification.
Note 1/24/15  There are a couple of new arrivals at the bottom, and I scanned in a few 2014 catalogs that I recommend, but haven't gotten a catalog this year from these sources :(

One catalog that is a real pleasure is using their 2013-2014 catalog again.  It is D. Landreth Seeds, billed as the oldest seed catalog company in the U.S.  The catalog is stunningly illustrated and is a grand history of seeds and plants and gardens in America.

     Vermont Bean company isn't a catalog I know but it does have some nice offerings.

This is Baker's Heirloom Seed Company.  Gorgeous photography of each plant, excellent growing information.  Heirloom seeds and other unusual seeds.

An old standby, I haven't ordered from them in a long while. 

Stokes Catalog is for home gardeners but I think small farms are more their audience.

More than tomatoes in this one! 
A wonderful selection of fruit trees and shrubs.
I ordered many seed catalogs last year and requested this one late. Luckily for me they sent the latest catalog so I can try them this year. They seem to be on many "best" and "favorite" seed company lists.
Last January in the midst of the Polar Vortex I ordered some trees and shrubs from Jung.  They all did well during the season.  We shall have to see how this milder (so far) winter treats them.
Another catalog I'm unfamiliar with is The Natural Gardening Company
I've ordered fall planted bulbs from McClure and Zimmerman and have been very pleased.
Always a favorite of mine, they are the only ones who offer many of the things they've developed themselves.
I haven't had this catalog before.  It fits in with the old timey heirloom seeds I was searching far and wide for last year.
I don't know this company at all either but here it tis.
Added 01/24/15
My favorite Bulb Growers!  Beautiful selections, knowledgeable growers.

Formerly a favorite for bulb size and quality, not to mention gorgeous offerings, Dutch Gardens seem to have been bought out by another company.
Last Years Catalogs!  Nothing new for me from these yet, but recommended.


  1. I'm jealous. I've only gotten one! Of course, I haven't ordered anything for years. I like the pictures, though. Yours AND the ones in the catalog I got.

  2. I hadn't ordered seeds for a few seasons. I haven't gotten Pinetree, Park or another old favorite I can't think of yet. If I order plants as well this year my mailbox will overflow next winter.