Sunday, June 26, 2022

DOA's Answer Key for the Sunday Cipher June 19, 2022

Not quite a Father's Day tale, but My Father's Dragon is the story of a boy's father who meets a cat, and has many adventures, including meeting a dragon.






One cold rainy day when my father was a little boy, he met an old alley cat on his street. The cat was very drippy and uncomfortable so my father said, "Wouldn't you like to come home with me?"

This surprised the cat, she had never before met anyone who cared about old alley cats—but she said, "I'd be very much obliged if I could sit by a warm furnace, and perhaps have a saucer of milk."

"We have a very nice furnace to sit by," said my father, "and I'm sure my mother has an extra saucer of milk."

My father and the cat became good friends but my father's mother was very upset about the cat. She hated cats, particularly ugly old alley cats. "Elmer Elevator," she said to my father, "if you think I'm going to give that cat a saucer of milk, you're very wrong.  


Saturday, June 25, 2022

DOA's Answer Key for Overboard A Word Find


DOA's Answer Key For the June 19, 2022 Father's Day Rebus


I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by the little scraps of wisdom.        

Umberto Eco.

Monday, June 20, 2022

DOA on TV June 20, 2022

 Obi-Wan Kenobi Part 5


Tons of good stuff in this second to the last episode.  Primarily fascinating for me were Anakin and Obi-Wan's practice light saber fighting in an old memory.

Obi-Wan chastises Anakin for becoming increasingly aggressive in the fight simply because he wants to win so much.  It's a weakness of Anakins, says Obi-Wan.

Refugees of The Path are trapped because of sabotage with the Empire and Vader closing in.  Tala sacrifices herself to give everyone time to get away.

Leia discovers her beloved tiny droid Lola has been taken over by Reva and has damaged the retractable roof of the building they're trying to escape from.  She's able to disable the bolt controlling Lola and repair the opening, saving the day.

As the ship takes off, Darth Vader strides out and puts out his hand, using the Force the draw it down out of the air.  Astonishingly, as the ship hits the ground, smaller ships burst out from its rent sides, and everyone flies to freedom.

Reva, as it turns out, was one of the Younglings on the day of Order 66. She played dead to survive. She's hated Obi-Wan for not coming to save the Younglings, and Darth Vader for slaying them.  She gets a spectacular battle with Vader as she tries to take him out. Of course she's no match, and he runs her through with a lightsaber.  She seems likely to survive her injuries, as she views a small holographic message from Leia's dad talking about protecting the boy on Tatooine.

I personally am hoping for a redemption arc for Reva, maybe she could be someone who turns to protecting the Path and the remaining Jedi.  In secret of course.  She can do a lot if she's presumed dead.

Ms Marvel


Kamala Khan is a huge fan of Captain Marvel.  She writes her own comic adventures and is always daydreaming.  When her faraway aunt sends a box including a large wristband, Kamala uses it in a costume for a local convention.  It gives her unexpected powers, which she uses to save a mean girl from school at the con.

She and her best friend Bruno test out the bracelets and her powers while wearing them, while a secret government organization tries to find Kamala and take over her powers.

Kamala's family are just about my favorite part of the show.  Her parents are strict, but her father was ready to go to the con with her in a Hulk suit.  Her brother tries to be too perfect.

Kamala herself is a great character, I love her imagination, and her willingness to embrace becoming a real life hero, in her handmade costume.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds The Serene Squall

The Enterprise helps Dr. Aspen, a former counselor, locate and try to rescue three stranded ships at the edge of Federation space.  She warns that the area is infested with pirates, particularly a merciless ship called The Serene Squall.

The Squall traps the Enterprise, then snares mid transport the captain and an away team.  Pirates from the Squall overrun the Enterprise, leaving Nurse Chapel, Spock and Dr. Aspen to try to avoid capture and set the rest of the crew free.

The episode introduces an attraction between Nurse Chapel and Spock, with maybe (?) most of the attraction one way.

I am really enjoying young T'Pring and Spock, and think they could have their own show of adventures.  I know that's not the way history goes, but they're a great pair.