Sunday, September 29, 2019

Librariandoa 2.0

I moved to a WordPress blog for DOA last December.  Too much spam here,  (looking at you, weirdo who got her husband back after supernaturally curing his herpes, ick) plus Blogger eats comments, plus they never fix or update anything. Silly Blogger.

You've plenty to catch up from this year on 2.0, plus fall and winter are prime blogging seasons.  Poof!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Now I'm Hungry

Here it is, POST 100 for the Librariandoa blog for 2018!   I've reached my goal for the year.  Now I can coast! 

While I was looking at my photo archives for post ideas, I went through what seemed like hundreds of saved recipes.   I haven't eaten yet today, and I'm:

Thanks for visiting the blog in 2018!   Happy New Year!

Old Window Frames As Garden Art

Shared by the Empress of Dirt, I love these old window frames painted cheerful colors and hung on a garden wall.   I tried to do a bit of decorating of my garden walls this year, but the effort was small.   These seem like something I could do that would really stand out.

Ball Jam and Jelly Maker

Next season I'm getting one of these!   This means I'll want to grow some nice berries to fill my jars with.   Good thing it's garden catalog high season.

Maybe Cute Isn't Enough In The Garden

I fell for these adorable little pastel eggs one year with seeds all ready to grow.  Not a peep of green!   I'll know better next time.

Nothing from these either!

Yarn Bowls

Should I collect these?  I think the one I have is the coolest ever, but what if there were one with a dragon holding the yarn?   I'd need that for sure.

Made By K: Hello Kitty Granny Square Scarf Crochet Pattern

I'm looking through my old iPad Photo archives for these last posts of 2018.  I'm finding fun stuff, as you can see!   I think I might be able to make this now.  Isn't it adorable?  Here's the link so you can try it too.

Flamingo Toes: Linen Display Rack

From the Flamingo Toes Blog, some time ago, perhaps, a neat idea for displaying your nicer dish towels.  I've come to really like the linen types as opposed to terry cloth.  They're prettier, sometimes artful, and I think they dry dishes well, and dry out faster.

You might see a rack like this at some vintage goods place or garage sale, and see a new use for it.

While The City Sleeps...

Click to Enlarge!   This is an old Comic maker I was trying to track down for my list.  It requires Flash.

Cutting Hollywood

There's a great Facebook Page that makes really dramatic Trailers from older films.

The trailers make every film look good, and they tell their own mini-story.   Highly Recommended!