Friday, October 6, 2017

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 is a fitting sequel to the original Blade Runner film.  The world feels much the same, the stakes are similar when it comes to the lives of the Replicants.  The way they're hunted down and "retired" is familiar.  The guilt of the detective hunting them is much the same, though since he is a Replicant himself, you'd think it shouldn't be.

I haven't seen anything else with Ryan Gosling that I recall (though La La Land is in my To-Be-Watched Pile), and there is something of a teddy bear in his looks, particularly his eyes.  As his story unfolds, he maintains a childlike aspect that makes him relatable and you have to root for him.

In another era, you would be certain he would make it out of the film alive, but you never feel that way here.  At a certain point, he feels disposable.

Harrison Ford needed far more screen time.  He stepped comfortably back into the role of Deckard, and from previews, I hoped he and Gosling's character would spend some time as a kick ass team.  I liked his dog, and vote for him being a real dog.

Robin Wright's character was a surprise, and great to watch.  I haven't seen House of Cards because---politics---so I kept thinking, Oh, Buttercup.

Luv, the super efficient Replicant Secretary/Researcher Slayer seemed ripe for a redemption arc, you just know deep inside she would have liked things to be different.

Jared Leto, in the first thing I've seen him in, was creepy.  He seems invariably creepy in interviews.  I saw a quote from him that he isn't the villain of the piece.  Hmmpf.

Gosling's live in Electronic Girlfriend was quite charming and layer upon layer, who is real, who gets to live, she definitely deserved a chance.

Several storylines and plots are set up for sequels, I hope the stories get told.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


I forgot about the new season of Survivor!  I don't watch any season with "returning players", but it's all new folks this time around.  No one is living up to their Healers vs Heroes vs Hustlers tribes in my book, maybe they'll emerge.

I love the fact that despite the fact that players are all now "super fans" and know the game inside and out, they can't resist being who they are under the hood for even the first three days of the show.  It's almost as though people are a little cocky and see themselves as far more than they are.  A few see themselves as less, but they're almost always wrong too.  The show remains a great revealer of human nature.

That said, the first person out was an Olympic swimmer!  How useful would she be in all of the swimming challenges, and couldn't she have coached others who weren't as confident.  What an asset to toss out the door because she was older than the average, and relegated to the "mommy squad" right off.

The truly foolish thing is that the other "mommy" Chrissy Hofbeck could have saved Katrina with a Secret Advantage, and gotten her own self off the bottom of the pack.  Now she has no advantage and is still the first easy picking choice for the younger crowd to vote out.  Brilliant!

There are quite a few interesting players this time around, my favorite being 98 lb weakling Ryan Ulrich, a Bellhop!   Loads of personality, so far all good personality.  Hang in there Ryan and stay cool.

Fall TV, Not Falling For Anything New

After looking through the list of incoming shows, I'm watching none of them.  I don't care for situation comedies, that leaves out quite a few things. 

The Orville--gack, a spoof.  I really never like spoofs.  They're never so clever as they think.

Star Trek Discovery.  I'd watch, glued to the set as I've always been for Star Trek, but for the gated- behind-a-charge of 5.99 a month for a single show.  Not even for Star Trek.  I'm not reading about it, or perusing reviews, except lightly to get a feel for its reception, in case someday it is released into the wild.  Then I'll catch up. 

There are several teen angst Marvel type shows, but just watching the commercials gives me angst. 

Luckily a few of my favorites from last season made it to the fall lineup.  Gotham, Lucifer, Designated Survivor and Lethal Weapon are all off to a good start.  Van Helsing comes back this week, though I often have to watch it through my fingers, yow, its a gory show.  Somehow the title character has grown on me though and I'm rooting for her to get her daughter back.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Summer TV zzzzz...

Yikes, do you know, I don't think I've turned on the television since May.  How did that happen?  Do you remember when summer was all reruns, no original, limited run series?

There are a couple of series I watch in summer, Zoo (but I was unhappy they killed off a favorite character who I thought was the heart of the group last season) and Wynonna Earp (I may go back and binge it.  Some things happened last season that made me not quite trust the writers with my characters--that's right mine!)

It is typical that I don't watch much in summer, because that sunshine!  I just want to be outside.  This year is very odd, even so.

I don't want to talk about Fall TV here, that's another post, but I will say I don't think there is a single new show I want to even try out.  Maybe a deep look at the list will change that.

Tech note:  I'm using Microsoft Edge to write this, and it seems fully compatible with Blogger, which wasn't the case when I tried it a year or so ago. Yay, we say!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Keep Them Balls a Rollin'

I finally finished rolling my one pounder into a ball.  That was painful.  It is so large it was hard to hold onto, and the yarn never pulled off the skein smoothly.  I dread that I have two more to roll.   The Pinpoint Blanket calls for three one pounders, eek. 

I'm going to just happily make squares till I run out then I'll deal with it.  In desperation I asked my husband if he'd be willing to hold the skein while I roll on the next one.  Such a look of horror.

Rolling yarn into balls  is normally fun for me and relaxing, but I'm looking now at the other large skeins I've bought in a bit of a large skein craze/phase I went through, that I'm now totally cured of.

I don't think pictures do justice to the size of the thing.  I suppose it will roll off my lap and take out the refrigerator, in a tragic accident.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pinpoint Crochet Blanket Square One

While waiting for dinner I made my first square in the Pinpoint Crochet blanket.  I love it so much.

Normally I wouldn't care for the color gray, in crochet, but the One Pound Caron Soft Gray Mix with my sweet little pastel centers is perfect for my gray couch.   The yarn is nice to work with, and very snuggly.

I was able to practice my newly acquired skill of treble crochet on round 3, and it came easily to me, I was so pleased.

You see I messed up that last corner, I didn't see it till I'd snipped off the thread.  I'm pretty certain I can hide that mistake when I join the squares together.

I would have more squares done this evening (I wanted to make one with each of the center colors), but the pound skein, like all skeins, needs to be rolled into a nice ball before you start to crochet, in my opinion.   I made the first square directly from the skein as it comes, and you just have to tug and tug at the skein to get more yarn.   Grr. 

I spent quite a bit of time this evening rolling the bad boy, but there's lots more left to roll.

There are two more sets of One Pounder Yarns with potential sweet pastel yarn centers on my shelves, waiting to make two more of these blankets,  (one a soft green, one a mixed pink) so I'd better scoot.  Winter is coming.

Here's what it should look like, except without those stark colors (shudder):

Michael's has this pattern on a little paper right by the One Pound Yarns, and other patterns right by other yarns, so it is fun to look to see if there is anything new.   And you can grab the pattern and all the yarn you need on the spot.  Very nice.

I watched, and did row by row on this square, the Crochet Crowd video tutorial, a first for me.

There's a left handed one too.

Monday, July 17, 2017

In the Garden, With the New Camera

I've had a new camera for a few months, and I have finally been successful in taking a few pictures with it.  The thing has thwarted my efforts to even look through a viewscreen, and die horribly if you think you're taking any pictures.   You should see the language in my little notebook as I've tried to figure it out.  Bad dog.

I wanted a pretty nice camera for closeups of flowers, cookery and crafts.  The camera has auto-settings for those things, but it doesn't want you to use them.   Let's not think about it anymore, and say, my what lovely closeups you have, CameraIdiot.

Aren't they all so beautiful?  I need to work on angle and composition, but these little plant portraits are what I had in mind.

Wish me luck.

Note: we'll be refreshing the wood mulch in this area in August so it will look nicer all around.

Pop! Yourself!

In case you admired my DOA FunkoPop, you can Pop Yourself:

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Storyboard That!

I found a comic creation tool recently called Storyboard That!  It gives you three panels and tons of options for characters, backgrounds, and more.   Even better, you can change the colors of background elements, and the clothing, hair and all coloring on the characters.

Click to enlarge!

They give more room than most for text.  The boxes are a little large for the panels, but I couldn't quite figure out how to adjust the speech balloons.

Marion and Robin are huge readers.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Crafty DOA: Crochet Upgrade from Dunce Level...Maybe

Ive figured out how to comfortably do triple crochet!  I did it to create a Willow Square from the book 200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws and afghans by Jan Easton.

The Patchwork Heart blog featured this particular square in a post earlier this year and I've been wanting to make it since.  So lovely!

I started my square out fine, so I thought.  By row three my square was curled over like a cap for a Chihuahua.  What the heck.  Tension too tight?  Pulled it all out.

Started again, and dang but it looked nothing like the picture.

 It dawned on me finally that the problem is the U.K. calls stitches different things.

  In this instance, a close squinty look at the picture in the book and the stitches section in the back, plus a page denoting the differences between US and U.K. Terms, bah its double crochet.  Too bad, the treble is fun and pretty.

I'll be starting once more, and hopefully I'll have a nice picture to post. (Incoming)

Update: redone with double crochet up to Round three, and it is perfect!  Yay me.

Round Four is incredibly challenging, with the most unusual, shall we say, mix of stitches I've ever seen.  I had to write it out line by line to "translate" both the stitch names and how the pattern needed to be read.  This block is marked Intermediate, not "just above dunce level", so it is no wonder I'm challenged.  I'm going to get it though, the Willow block shall BE MINE.

I'm using cotton yarn for this.  I thought as an exercise in learning to crochet better, using my cotton yarn would be a nice way to also use the many adorable little skeins I have hoarded.  I'm hoping to make the squares into a throw, eventually.  I picked one of my current ones out as a good size, and I plan to lay the squares out along the bottom of that throw to get width, then go up with more to get the height.  With 200 blocks in the book, I'm certain I'll have plenty.   I want each square all one color so that the pattern itself really stands out.

Blogger note:  you can't use the Blogger app for iPad anymore, you just get a message saying it doesn't work.  You can just log in from and type away, but on iPad, you can't add pictures from your camera roll, it wants a picture from the web. This would require a bunch of messing around, so I will just be going blah blah blah in pictureless mode till I go to my pc and work the easy picture magic from there.  What I'm saying is, don't peek till there are pics.


Rows 1-5

I'm up to row 6!   The fourth row is a bear.  There is a great YouTube tutorial on this square by Bella Coco.  There are actually 4 in the set. She shows the row then lets you pause and catch up.  She mentions row four as being particularly confusing sometimes.

The Patchwork Heart has a post giving help with round four in particular.

You can see on her page how beautiful these squares are, almost reminding me of stained glass.