Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Garden This Week

Another Roaster of a week.  Most garden time was spent watering.  In some cases, apparently overwatering, as many of my tuberous begonias shrank to nothing in their too wet pots.  Oops.

My charming little bird trellis looks great all painted in. 

It's hanging in the shed awaiting it's seed packet display. 

Shed Reorganization

I finished the big blue shelf, but, no picture of it for this week.  It made me think, though, if I am painting all these nice iron pieces, I'm storing them in the shed for the winter.  So I began the shed reorganization I'd normally be doing in September to prepare everything for winter storage.  It's really nice in there again.

Work in Progress

My sister moved and was going to leave an old garden bench behind in her yard.  Eeek, I've never apparently met a garden bench I didn't like.   So I stuffed it in my car, and decided to paint it, let's guess, PINK.

The same dark rose I used on the bird trellis for the legs and arms, and the Candy Floss Pink I used on my milk can for the seat and back.

This is going to take some time getting in all the crannies.

The Candy Floss goes on light and dries a bit darker.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Rebus Madness

I had a comment awaiting moderation that asked for the answers to two Rebus puzzles from 2010.  In my initial post, I said the answers would be up May 30th!

Yikes, Yikes.  The answer didn't show up till November!!! Sorry!

So there they are, together at last.   I'm more careful now, and write and post the answer the same day I write the puzzle.


Sunday, August 5, 2018

This Week in the Garden

Less time in the garden this week than the last.  Rain, some crummy virus...bleh.

While scooping the dog's area, I saw this little guy.  Do they predict fall coming early?  Is the all white fuzzy guy predicting blizzards ahead?  Stay tuned.

One of my beans (only one!)  was snipped off, then snipped off some more.  Dastardly creature, stay away from my beans.

See? My Pole Beans (Kentucky Blue Wonder) are ok, and are climbing their teepee.

A new birdbath with a nice sized bowl.  It looks pretty though it's plastic.  The birds and other beasties are really enjoying the birdbaths in the yard this year, so I've been on the lookout for more.  Many are almost flat and hold no water, which defeats the purpose of providing drinking and bathing water.

My tiny cucumber plants continue to grow though I haven't seen any tiny cucumbers on them yet.  They do, as advertised, make a pretty little plant in the garden.

My Big Boy Tomato plant finally has a few flowers on it, meaning tomatoes for meeeeee.  Sometime.

Tiny farm needs a better spot. At least the little animals haven't been carried away by anything.

My little table overturned.  I didn't think it was that windy this week, but I pushed the legs into the soil somewhat after putting it upright again.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Photo Lightening, Just Testing, Nothing to See Here

Ignore this.  I'm testing out photo lightening to see if it's worth the time it takes to do it before posting pictures.

Original     Magnolia Bakery Grand Central Station NYC 

With Minimal Contrast and Light Adjustments

Of course it isn't me in the pictures, I just wanted to get the cakes and things in the shot.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Monthly WrapUp

I've been enjoying writing my posts here lately.  Looking at my post count for the year, it stands at a whopping twenty.  This will be 21!

Pretty much as soon as I challenged myself to writing 8 posts a month to easily get to 100 posts for the year, I stopped writing.  Too odd.  I guess I can't fool me into anything.

This month has been about the garden.  There are a few flaws, but I have loved my garden this season.

I have other topics in mind but they haven't made it to the page yet.   I am hoping to write some up regularly so I'm not doing my November post challenge to jam in a year's worth of writing into a month or so.   That's the old me.

I've moved my blog rolls around.  They're all still there, just rearranged as to what's on top.

My Podcast list is still here, it's just waaaaaay down at the bottom.  I added in quite a few new ones, particularly fiction.   I haven't had a chance to listen to them all, I'm sort of bookmarking them for myself.  And for you, of course.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

This Week In The Garden

Hardly any time spent in the garden this week, but that's how it goes.   Finally some decent temperatures, 80s with night times in the 60s.  Some things love it, some things hate it.

The Little Mexican Cucumbers

How to use a can of spray paint on a shelf and not cover it all.  Lots of paint went oof, straight out into the air.   This is such a pretty shelf, and the paint really brings out the details, I think.

After spending years in the garage and shed, I nailed this little birdhouse to the fence this season and soon after a little brown bird made it it's home.

Garage sale find!  I went garage saling with my sister in law, who knows her way around to every sale.    I really don't need things, but because I have so many containers, things for the garden that I can set pots on are invaluable.  This little metal table is pretty perfect.

Also found:  A little holder for pictures that I saw and thought it would be a great little trellis.

It will get a rose colored spray paint.  And maybe I'll use it instead to hold laminated pretty seed packets and hang it in the garden shed.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

This Week In the Garden

Hot hot hot.   A couple of begonias suffered terribly from the heat despite a day of rain and my watering efforts.  They might recover.

It's all about the weeds this week.   R1 (Raised perennial bed one, aka "The kidney shaped bed) took about five hours to weed.   I pulled all the tradescantias, a scraggly phlox, and the very last irises in my garden that originated with my former neighbor The Creature.   I need to go back through and make sure I got all the roots, but it looks really nice.

Next up is R2 (Raised bed two, so clever).    It is huge, and about five hours of work got me all the way around the periphery of it, plus I did some initial pulling of the newer perennial garden which we might as well call The Weed Pit.  

Look! a few inches of open ground!   This garden had tradescantias, an ongoing battle with Queen Anne's Lace, and all those plain green hostas you see in the center are self sown and they're coming out.   This is only a quarter of the garden.  It goes waaay over to the right.

The Weed Pit is still weedy, monstrously so, and it also has what we shall call  Hacky Hostas that will be yanked.  I moved a coneflower into this garden last year and maybe six daylilies.  The coneflower is barely blooming and it was gigantic last season, and long blooming.   Only one of the day lilies here has bloomed, reliable old June Bug.

Other daylilies, still in the veg garden, are blooming happily.  I think I should move the transplants back into the vegetable area.

Seed Babies

Beans, those magical things, are sprouting right up and thus far they haven't been shorn to the ground as they are every single year.  Suspiciously, I did find a tiny strawberry right in amongst them.  Unseen foes at work!  Grow, little beans, grow!

My large garden which got the most varieties of seeds has some teensy lettuce coming up and what I think are flowers, likely zinnias.   I have the maps in my garden notebook, but haven't transferred those maps to my handier garden graph paper yet.  Soon.

Teeny Things

I put a couple of my "Farm Fairy Garden" things in the garden.   It's my "Farm Fairy Garden" because I have a little windmill and a barn and some cows, etc that I planned to have in my vegetable garden last year, but they got sort of overrun by the plants they were near.  Try again next season.

This season more than any other I've moved pots around to new and better locations.  That mobility is supposed to be one of the reasons you do container gardening, but in the past I haven't done it much if at all.

Once the mulch was in I moved my nice big begonias over by the swing seat, and filled the cute, but difficult-to-set-plants-in bicycle.

This morning I washed and scrubbed down with a metal brush one of my favorite metal stands.  You can't even see these stands in pictures half the time, but this one is going to be a pretty sky blue which will look nice by the shed, and you'll be able to see it at last.