Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Houseplant Garden

There's a post up at May Dreams Gardens  called My Houseplant Revelation  in which she tries to let go of the idea that houseplants should last forever, since some are able to do so.

Like her, I have two plants--trees, actually-- that have been passed on by others  a Shefflera and a Fica.   I have lost or tossed many others that were gifted or handed down as they suffered various ailments, or hated me for putting them outside for the summer.   One plant I tossed because though I liked it, it reminded me of it's former owner who was not very nice.  See me toss your plant, ha ha!  I feel guilty.

This last season, I determined that I'd like to have a nice collection of houseplants that would not go outside, and I did keep most in, except the trees which love being outside for the summer (particularly the Fica).

Because we were traveling in September into October, I only tried to overwinter a single tender perennial/herb, the Rex Begonia.   Honestly, if you're a gardener, there's almost no good season to travel where your plants and garden are concerned.

I'm now on the lookout for what might be thought of as all the common varieties of houseplants.   They're harder to find than you think, because most garden centers either close down for the winter or only offer mums and poinsettias in the fall.

Problematically, big box stores such as Home Depot have a pretty good variety of selections, but more often than not they come with travelers or ailments that make them not so appealing.

I went to a favorite garden center which has a greenhouse going all year, and it had some houseplants of interest, but they looked unhappy, floppy, with little fly things cruising the leaves.  Ick.

Also, the plants were not labeled with the name of the plant or its variety.

How annoying for someone who loves looking for plants by name and variety.  They don't do that with their annuals and perennials, why do it with houseplants?

Don't get me started on places with tags on very different plants that just call them "Air Plants" or "Angel Plants".

Thanksgiving Crossword Answer

Here's the Answer to yesterday's puzzle.  Click to enlarge!

 I should note that Read Write Think doesn't let you see your whole puzzle at once in the generator, it requires you to bring up a Print page which shows the puzzle in its final form, then you need to scan it, then add to your post.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Crossword

Happy Thanksgiving (tomorrow)!  I hope you have a great day filled with food and the company of those you love.  This puzzle may entertain you while you wait for the big meal :)

Created with Read, Write, Think's Crossword Puzzle Maker    All the words and definitions are my own.  Look for the answer key tomorrow.   As always, click to enlarge.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Crochet Tuesday

If I ever adopt some of the memes and blog topics I"ve used this month, Crochet Tuesday will be n there, since I'm enjoying it so much.

Although I have been pretty good about buying appealing new yarn for a particular project, I've also tried hard to work to finish projects before starting new ones.

This week I sorted all my yarn by brand.  Oddly satisfying!  It was sorted by color, but I think I have a better idea of what my favorite yarns are now they're sorted in their piles of Red Heart, Vanna's Choice, Caron Simply Soft, Caron Cakes.  I even have a lavender skein of yarn from a local general type store that doesn't exist anymore.

I have all this nice yarn, and all these fun projects lined up.  I'm just going to dive in and get a start on as many as I please.   I learn new techniques all the time and I should just putter happily with my yarn.

There are so many good sources of patterns.  Many yarns have things I'd like to try right on the wrappers (though the print is small.)

Red Heart Yarns is one of the best sources of free patterns out there.  The array of projects is huge.  If you like a particular yarn, there will be project suggestions right on the page.

I've mentioned Yarnspirations before, they also have many many wonderful projects.  Tied in with them is The Crochet Crowd, hosted by one "Mikey" who does great video tutorials both right and left handed.   Yarnspirations projects feature Bernat, Patons, Lily and Caron yarns (including Caron Cakes).

My Crafting Section of the Blog Roll has quite a few Crochet Blogs, most of whom design their own patterns.  Many are available on their blogs, and some have Ravelry accounts for you to purchase patterns, and some have Etsy shops where you can buy finished projects.

Speaking of Ravelry, I decided to join for the purpose of this post.  I've been curious about it for quite awhile.

I was expecting it to be...more...something.  Colorful. Inspiring.  Useful?   I''ll look for some of my favorite Crochet Bloggers there and see what I think.

I was a bit disappointed in the Yarn tab, the yarn featured there is not what I'm looking for at this point.  I'd like them to use yarns I can find easily.

I thought I should take a look at Instagram, finally, but you sign in with Facebook.  Not happening.

Happy Crocheting!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Five Mystery Podcasts

When looking for Mystery Podcasts, I was thinking fictional mysteries, and/or interviews with mystery authors.  What I've found is that True Crime is wildly popular, and it's hard to find anything else.

With this popularity there seem to be tons of ads before the podcasts even begin, every segment!  If you're telling a story, that seems pretty immersion breaking.  If you're just in the mood to hear interesting authors, well, that's what you'd like to hear, not what Joe Dentist can do for your smile.

I've found some interviews with authors, readings from and discussion of classic mysteries, and one old Radio show.

A vast collection (over 500) of readings from the works of some of the Masters and Mistresses of the Craft of Mystery Writing.  Les then talks about the work itself with observations about the author.


I Love a Mystery is an American radio drama series that aired 1939–44, about three friends who ran a detective agency and traveled the world in search of adventure.  Oldtime Radio show With Jack, Doc and Reggie  (2016 most recent)

Interviews with Authors of Mystery, Thrillers and Suspense with Alan Petersen.

Interviews with authors of mystery novels, from thrillers to cozies and everything in between. Host: Laura Brennan

Speaking of Mysteries with Nancie Claire  Interviews with Mystery Authors

An interview with Nancie on Jungle Red Writers that's pretty interesting:


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Comic: Just Thankful

If you come from a big family, holiday crowds can be overwhelming sometimes.  Still, you see people you don't get to see often, catch up, hold babies (some years), give and get hugs, and eat great food.  

Saturday, November 18, 2017


While working on this post I thought that for me the iconic dog is Snoopy the beagle.  How about an iconic cat?   I think it's Morris, the 9 Lives Cat.

In Celebration of Caturday, All the Kittehs I have Known