Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sherlock: The Final Problem

I really enjoyed this episode, for the suspense of what trap would be laid by the Holmes sister Eurus next, the bizarre fate of the little girl on the plane, and the mystery of Redbeard.

The Little Girl On The Plane

I don't quite understand how Eurus pulled this part off, how she was producing the voice of the scared child.  Pre-recorded?  On the fly?  I was certainly worried about her until the point were she remained in the air on that plane for hours and it never went any lower or arrived at the city in the distance.

The Trap Rooms and Forced Moral Choices

Having someone have to choose between who might be killed, or asking them to kill one of two who are held dear, it's always an impossible situation with no good outcome. 

Somehow the Holmes boys and Watson managed, with one "win" and one "loss".   I found Mycroft to be particularly interesting in these scenarios.  Such a fussy, fussy man.  Sherlock was brilliant but humane, a long in the making story arc for his character.


So much of the characters of Mycroft, Sherlock and Eurus was revealed in the childhood scenes were there was little dialog, but the children were so much what they would become.  The little girl playing Eurus was so cute, but she had sociopath writ large on her tiny features.

Heartbreaking enough to hear the story of Redbeard, Sherlock's missing dog, but so much more awful to realize there was no dog.  That poor little guy.

I've read numerous reviews that seem pretty upset about the episode.  Ridiculous, they think.  I felt it was a great character development episode.

I'm also seeing many noting it could be the end of the series, because the actors are sooo busy doing other things.  Pffft.  I'm hoping for many adventures to come.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sherlock: The Lying Detective

Here's a bizarre episode, that I did not enjoy for the most part, yet it redeemed itself at the end.

While I was watching, I kept thinking of the old series The Prisoner.  Wasn't there constant maniacal laughter throughout that show?  With confusing, psychedelic visuals?  Maybe it was just one episode.

In any case, as you're watching Sherlock in his drugged, incomprehensible state, you can't tell what is real and what he is imagining. 

Somehow, the plot moves along and you're pretty sure he is actually seeing through the haze to the truth, and a cuddly looking little bear of a philanthropist probably really is a serial killer.

Flaw in the telling this week:

I know you have to write it off to Sherlock's reduced ability to observe and comprehend, but I feel Sherlock's analytics were working well enough so he'd notice the artificial lenses worn by the murderer's "daughter," and that she clearly did not need the cane she carried at all.  He spent a lot of time with her and he would not have missed these things among many others.


I was pleased to see Mary back haunting Watson's psyche, what a waste of a great character to kill her off.  That final scene!!! where Watson confesses to her that he cheated with the woman on the bus in a texting relationship, (sniff) that was so heartbreaking.  Even Sherlock was moved to give him a hug.  (sniff)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sherlock: The Six Thatchers

I really enjoyed this new episode of Sherlock. 

In particular, I loved Mary as spy/agent/infiltrator.  I could have watched the Mary as Spy show, but unfortunately, they had her leap in front of Sherlock.

The mastermind behind everything was a complete surprise.  I was hoping it wasn't Moriarty, because I never liked this show's particular Moriarty version and am hoping he remains dead. 

John is being completely unreasonable, and I also don't feel for him as I might since he was having a flirtation with some woman on the bus.  Unworthy, John, completely unworthy of Great Mary The Spy and you haven't any leg to stand on being angry at Sherlock.

I suppose it's some form of Make Up/Break Up between he and Holmes, but meh.

Red Herring city, I thought The Black Pearl was surely in one of the Thatcher heads, but no. 

I thought the scene where they show Mary's old agent bud hiding the flash drive in the statue head was silly, he doesn't get it in there and seal it, he just has time to tip the bottom, stuff in the drive and tip it back.  The first person to handle it would have seen it and there would be no head Thatcher plaster heads smashed at all.

Mycroft's office was pretty creepy, more like a jail cell than an office.

I liked Sherlock's patience with the dog.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Milk Street Radio

Christopher Kimball has a great podcast called Milk Street Radio.  You'd think cooking would need visuals, but the discussions and interviews on the podcast paint all the pictures you need of wonderful foods and cooking techniques.

I always loved Christopher Kimball's essays in issues of Cooks Illustrated.  Here is more of his warmth and wisdom.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas Afghan Rows 7-10

I was zipping right along when I finished up row ten and realized I was going to run out of yarn.  Eek!  There are mathematical consequences to using fatter yarn than the original pattern, though unwittingly, since I still haven't seen a skein of the Red Heart Bulky anywhere I don't know how much bulkier I went.

As you go around, you need ever more yarn for a single row.  I looked at the skein in hand and thought it might make it, but it came up five spaces short.  There was no graceful way to attach new yarn for that small bit, so I pulled it out, went to the store for more yarn, and did the row over.  There was plenty of the white, and the green, but no red at all.  I was able to order some directly from Lion Brand, but still don't have it yet. 

I suspect I will still come up short for the 31 rows of the afghan, but, it is going to be lap sized and more pretty shortly, so I'll call it a lesson learned and be careful to have an overabundance of yarn any time I tinker with pattern requirements in the future.  There is no doubt I will tinker, because more often than not I see a pattern and think it would look so much nicer in another color, or, in the case of the many British based blogs I follow, we don't have access to the gorgeous yarns and threads they have.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Expanse Returns February First

Syfy's drama The Expanse returns February 1st with an extended episode.

I'm so excited to see it return, and now having read most of the novels in the series, I'll be more aware of what they keep and change from the books.  Having read the books after the TV adaptation last season, I was pleased that while the show changed some things, nothing was lost from the essence of the books and their story.

Additionally exciting, Syfy Wire will air a podcast after the show each week called The Churn.  The authors of the Expanse books --Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham --together they are James S. A. Corey-- will join the Syfy Wire show hosts to talk about each episode.

Both the books and the show are truly great science fiction.  Long live the crew of the Rocinante.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

2016 was a real challenge and I am not sorry to see it go away.  Faced with a possible year of 2017 where anything awful might happen, eek.  We can only go forward, though, never stay in the present or revisit the past.

My thinking for the New Year personally is as it always is, look at what I like to do and do more of it, learn new things, try to spend more time with those I love and dodge those I don't.  I'm so good at that last bit!


I love it to death now, and am a bonafide yarnaholic.  Mastering techniques and pattern reading are high on my list.  You'll see more more crochet here.


I've been collecting books and patterns for embroidery without actually doing any for a while now.  What happened there is, on two separate projects, my thread, careful as I was, became hopelessly tangled at the back of the project.  I have a huge dislike and zero patience for untangling knots.  I will find a way to untangle and get back in there, because embroidery is one of the loveliest arts you can spend time on.


Thanks to the seed companies who know we're all crushed in a ball by winter and the state of the world.  Life will find a way, the garden will thrive again in a few short months.  I will find a way to keep the rabbits out!


I had a good year of fine reading and am writing down authors to try, and series to read, and I'm ready to have a really good cozy year in books.  I joined Goodreads with my Merlyn book blog account and hope to do what I've not actually done, use Goodreads to share my reading and see what others like.   I may try a book challenge in 2017.  Have you seen those? You join the challenge on some site and it has a theme such as Historical Fiction, and you follow its guides to meet a reading goal.  I'll post those as I find them over on Merlyn as well.

Speaking of Goodreads, I think I'll try for 50 again.  When I was a librarian in Wheeling, WVa, we had a program "I Read 50 Books".   The customer would take as long as they wished and read the 50 titles, noting them on a form we had.  When they got to 50, they sat down with a librarian and had a nice chat about the books they'd read, fun for both! and they would get a red T-Shirt with the Library logo and I READ 50 BOOKS emblazoned across the front.  So 50 it is, and I'll buy myself a nice literary t-shirt when I get to 50.

DOA at the Movies

I like doing the Saturday Night At The Movies feature, and am behind a film, I saw Fantastic Beasts and will be seeing Rogue One this week.  I also would like to watch a film on Saturday nights from the comfort of my cozy couch, then write that up.


There are so many good shows on, and coming up for the midseason.  I can't keep up, and I fell behind this fall big time.  I'll catch up somehow.

Utter Foolishness

Cryptograms, Crosswords, Cartoons, Word Searches, Rebuses, and more to come, because they're fun.  We are here solely to have fun.

Happiest of New Year's, travel safely, go forth and enjoy enjoy enjoy.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Afghan Rows 4, 5, 6


 Christmas, as you may guess interrupted the work on this.  Now I can relax and crochet away. This square is 11" x 11" . Big!  Wooly and so soft.  It is so cold out that it is a pleasure to work on this just for the warmth of it. 

Two rows of the original green next.  See? The New Me (as my husband would say) will be finishing projects left and right going forward.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

ABC Food Photos, Yes? No?

I love cooking and baking sites.  The step by steps pictures are so helpful.  Everything that isn't fish looks so good!

In November, I noticed a picture accompanying a recipe that looked like someone had taken a bite out of the cookie. And left teethmarks, eewww.   Then I started seeing more.  Maybe some are done with a fork...I dunno.  You decide!  This isn't a pleasing, makes me want to eat this thing.  Nope.

ABC, in case you grew up in grander circumstances than I, means Already Been Chewed...

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Afghan Rounds 2 and 3

See me whip this baby up!  Remember, the usual length of time from start to finish for me is ten years so I am rockin' and rollin' here.

I had to resort to writing out the round two directions for myself in plain English. Voila!

Round Two

A little bumpy at the edges because the strands you need to tuck in are the size of a truck, compared to a normal bit of yarn.

Boink!  Looking to Round Three and the picture of the afghan grrrrr there are two rounds of red and I fastened the stinker off.   I had happily wound the white color into a nice soft sparkly ball, too.   Alas, I had to slink in the red again, which didn't quite go according to directions.  In fact round three's directions seemed so whacko, and I was in No Mood, so I just crocheted around the square as I normally would and poof to the directions for this round.  I'm sure I'll pay dearly for this bit of rebellion.  But not yet, muahaha.  Resting before Round Four, Five, Six in soft sparkly white.

Round Three