Monday, August 29, 2011

Survivor: Coach and Ozzy

Yeeks why they keep bringing back these repugnos, I don't know. Maybe once they get through their vast villain list they'll send Ethan or somebody cool back in. Can you imagine getting Coach on your team? Painful. At least Ozzy is a great competitor.

Survivor Official site with cast, crew, etc click here.

Design Star: Who should win?

I'm rooting Karl, then Meg, then Mark, Kellie last. Karl has the most talent and personality. He's like like nobody else. Has a few wild edges, but he's kept them mostly filed down. Go Karl go.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Design Star: Monster Out!

I keep saying I won't watch each new season of Design Star because it seems very "rigged" to favor the judges selection, and I miss Clive Pearse as host.

Of course I'm pinned to the the show Monday nights. This season featured (past tense!!!!! yay) the meanest contestant ever, maybe anywhere Cathy Hobbs! She just was so mean and bullying to everyone she worked with, it was painful to watch her.

Thanks for finally knocking her out, judges.

From watching several seasons, I'm going to say the judges are setting up contestant Mark Diaz as the winner. We shall see.

Back to the fan vote, and boo hiss on calling Candace Olson who never appears, a show judge at all. Fine if they want to bring in guests, which has been fun, but the whole "she's busy busy busy filming her show" bah.

Pink Elephants on Parade

In case yesterday's post got this song in your head, here's the video to go with it:

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ye Elephant

Sometimes I don't write because I have nothing to say, sometimes I don't write because I don't want to say publicly what I have to say.

In my current case, I've decided to get the Elephant out of the back of the room and then go on from there.

My elephant is represented by Dumbo because I'm stoopid and have not taken care of my medical self for a long time. Doing that can result in suprises such as stage four cancer, which has kept me busy and in varous bizarro machines since the beginning of July, it seems.

This will not become a cancer journal, I have a place for that, but when I talk about the joys of reading more and playing DS Lite Games that I haven't taken the time to play, but now I'm sitting around in doctor's waiting rooms la la la and I can help you with some good distractions, I really can.

I am the mistress of How Not to Think About Whatever It Is I Don't Want to Think About. Distraction R Me.

There we go, you me and Dumbo, that sweet lil elephant can move forward.

Friday, August 5, 2011

BookNotes: The Wild Hog Murders by Bill Crider

In the 18th Sheriff Dan Rhodes mystery, our hero deals with Blacklin County literally gone hog wild. Wild hogs tear through farms and open forest country as the hogs breed wildly.

Hunters who seek to drop the population become involved in murder, possible bank robbery, and the ruinous results of piggie lust.

The sheriff is a seemingly laconic individual. While everyone around him spouts theories and solutions and demands for justice, he follows his leads, talks to his suspects and potential witnesses, weighing their evidence carefully and always coming to the correct conclusion.

I love the laid back humor in these books, the wise guy attitude of just about everyone, and the promise that justice will always be served sunny side up, with a big side of feral hog.

Some great reading: