Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pulse Check!

I've been "posting" everything I'd write here in my paper notebooks, and somehow they don't make it to the virtual page, imagine that.

I've also had error messages with IE and finally thought to see if, as rumored, they are not present with Firefox.   It is all good, Firefox works like a charm. 

Wildly uninformative posts should resume shortly.

Here you go...these are my great aunts.  I've been working on family history and have made great progress, more than in the few years I've been puttering around with it.   It is much like being a detective without having to hit the mean streets.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Egg/Plant Urban Farm Supply

I've meant to go visit this store in Saint Paul for at least a month.  I find their Facebook page charming and they hit all the right notes talking about seed starting, which I'm ready to do this very week.

The charming store is on Selby in St. Paul. 
They sell seeds, really NICE ones from Baker's Heirloom Seeds, Seed Saver's Exchange and Renee's Garden Seeds.
There are a ton of books on vegetable gardening, raising chickens (which they also sell), making homemade cheese....
Lots of seed starting supplies and light stands.
Some very nice garden hand tools.
Sweet farm/garden themed flour sack towels.
Nice soaps with a picture of a cow girl on them with a brand name "Dirty Girl".
There was a section of glass jars and many shaped containers, very old fashioned looking.
A section of mason jars and lots of books and information on canning and preserving.
Just jam packed into the little store.  I love stores like this that are just magical in the amount of fascinating things in every inch of space.
Being in there this afternoon was a real glimpse of spring and summer to come.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Captain Underpants Cartoon Maker

Also from a little scrap of paper. I knew you'd want to know this Captain Underpants Cartoon Maker is still available on the Scholastic site. 

You're able to drag characters, dialog balloons (you can't write your own dialog, but honestly do you think you could do better than Mr. Pilkey himself? nah.) 

Multiple panels so if you are clever you can create a story starring those poopy heroes we all love.

Here is what the interface looks like:

On The Desk Closing Time

I'm sorting through my many scraps of paper from my work days when I'd jot down books to read and ideas for comics on scraps of paper. Using the ideas, tossing the scraps. Click to enlarge, as they say!