Friday, December 7, 2018

A Fallen Phrase Puzzle

Let's try a new type of puzzle to round out 2018's post count!   This is a new type of puzzle to me, but I like the possibilities of it. 

Basically, there's a grid with an odd looking mix of letters below the grid.  You slide letters into the columns above to create words that eventually spell out a phrase provided by your Puzzle Mistress (Me).

For instance, the F at the far left slots right into the first box at the left.   The next column of letters, M, G, E, G will fit into the spaces directly above...somehow.

Despite the post title, here's a good visual explanation of how you can go about solving this type of puzzle.

 I think it may be a bit more challenging than most, so I'll put the answer up on Friday December 21st.  Enjoy!

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