Friday, December 7, 2018

When Half A Pie Will Do

I love making pies.  There is seldom an occasion to make one, because I can't eat one all by myself.  Still, PIE.

My husband won't eat pie, but he took five pictures of my Thanksgiving Apple Pie (From the Pillsbury Cookbook) because he liked the looks of it so much.

It was a very fine pie.  So was the pumpkin.   I'd like to try more pies, but will need to downsize them.

Maybe, I could find a half pie pan.  They sell half pies at Cub.  Do they have a half pie pan?  After much searching, I think not.   I think they use a divided pan such as the one below.

With a divided pan, so you could make two different pies, or, hmmm if it was a freezable pie, you could just freeze half.

There is a ceramic half pie pan on Etsy

I could make a six inch pie, which I should be able to manage.   Maybe this size is almost a tart, which I could definitely eat.

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