Thursday, December 6, 2018

Survivor David Vs Goliath

This season of Survivor has been one of the best in a long time.  Filled with likeable characters and a few villains, the votes have swung all over, defying tribal lines.

Unlikely favorite (though he has been my favorite all along) Christian the Robotics Guy has been targeted at Tribal over and over.

Last night, even his alleged closest ally went gunning for him, after the Family Reunion where Christian's girlfriend, whom he clearly adored, entered the picture.

Gabby, who has cried more than any other Survivor, ever, I'm sure of it, suddenly knew she had to stand up for herself and make a big, jealousy tinged move.   She knew Christian had an idol, but she was sure she and others could fool him into not using it.  Because she's so powerful.

Christian, making a big, broad turn and looking all the jury members in the eye, pulled out his idol.  Gabby went home.  He he he.

I fear the only way he can be saved next time out is to find another idol or win the immunity challenge, which he is very capable of doing.  It would be insanely great if he found another idol and won immunity.   Then two other people would have to be picked off, getting him in closer to the Final Three.  If he's in the Final Three, he has the million.

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