Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gimme an F

"F" for FOUL WEATHER.  Not what you were thinking, bad dog.  Snow this morning.  Cold wet heavy snow.  Combined with dark, gloomy skies, this is a yucko day.

I'm giving myself a week devoted to gardening anyway.  Nevertheless, She Persisted!

There was a geranium sale today at a favorite greenhouse, so I picked up a couple of larger cell packs.  I had this dreamy picture of white and very soft pink geraniums in my swans (one concrete, two plastic) out front this spring.  I did find white but the pink may be a soft lavender that isn't quite what I hoped for.

I'm going to try to bring out my greenhouses this weekend to combat the weather situation, but I'm still hoping not to bug the duck and her babies.  It is so very cold, I hope she and they are alright.

There was a dreamily sunny day last week, in which I felt I owned the world and it's sundrenched goodness.

                                                       Welcome to the Perennial Garden

                          The duck family is just to the right of the shed under an old plastic chair.

                           Woodland anenome, I think ( the green stuff).  Just can't root it out, grr.

             Still a nice place for a Fairy garden if only I'd add some dirt and moss to the spot.

                                   My newly developing area with some transplanted daylilies.

                                               Can you imagine, a lovely pot just for peas.

               I like to put plants in pots on top of my milk cans, but this little guy is so perfect.

                 New plants which are happy this morning I haven't planted them in the garden yet.

I had such a problem with rabbits decimating my plants in pots in the perennial area last year, I'm putting the shelves and planters here in the sunny and somewhat more protected sideyard.
My snuggly new resting spot.  I lure the dog to use her Coolaroo by petting her and rubbing her belly whenever she gets on it.  She still spends much of her time under the shade of a big tree nearby.

Ha! From Cub, he could hold a plant but I'm hoping he's a nice garden seat for getting down low to weed and plant.

The Pink continues this year as I favor mostly pink and white flowers, because they make me happy.  This little sweetie had not one but two bumblebees on it the other day.  I haven't seen any bumblebees for a very long time.