Saturday, December 31, 2011

On the Desk with the Insulted by Your Bad Behavior Librarian

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In the coming year, be nice to your neighborhood librarian. They are potentially able to help you with just about any question you have. Rare indeed!

On the Desk: Thou Shalt Not:

Yank on the door we’re trying to unlock

Steal paper from the copier ( or steal anything from us for that matter. Emptying the copier is BAD)

Ask the same question every single day as if it were new

Spend all day at the library every day and act like you don’t know what our hours are..for example you are unwilling to leave each night because you think we’re open till midnight.

Move the furniture around so you can be all comfy. Go on home and create that snuggly spot for yourself.

Ask the same question several different ways to which the answer is still no.

Remark that we are too busy, too not busy. We are available to help you either way.

Try to get us to override your bazillion overdues so you whatever. Pay up!

Demand to know how we’re doing in a manner that says we’d better be just chipper or ELSE.

Sometimes the answer is NO.

And my favorite post chemo no freakin' hair comment: Don't ask!!!!! WHAT'S WITH THE SCARF? if it was a personal silly insult to you!!!! Eat Beans and dig deep for the politeness your momma should have taught you.

Ah....D.O.A. Lives, and it is GOOD :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Fast Away the Old Year Passes

What a mixed bag this year has been. Work has been interesting, my garden was just great (only sinking into a bit of weediness outside the new fence late in the season), I’ve read a nice stack of good books. People I care about just seem to get better and better. I am lucky in my circle of beloved people. Things seem to be looking up for pc gaming and thus my gaming life, which had been languishing.

Nobody close to me died this year, yay! My getting diagnosed with cancer...whoa left field and icky. But, it doesn’t appear it will kill me soon so I’m attempting to adjust my teeny mind to the whole thing.

The world in general has gone to heck in a handbasket but I can only work with what goes on in my corner of it. I’m hoping for an upturn in the economy, for the first time in my clueless life. La la la.

I have vague plans to improve myself in the coming year. Time to kick it in and polish this t***, right?

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Return of the cryptogram. During NanoWrimo month, I wrote not a single word. Too much pressure or what? Back to utter silliness, as we should be.