Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Favorite Comics Wordfind

I haven't seen Batman vs. Superman yet, but everything I know about it makes me wish for comics of the era when I was reading them. 

Closer in spirit to my heroes are the television Flash and Supergirl, who happen to be teaming up on Monday night :)

Friday, March 18, 2016

Kaye George's Requiem In Red Word Search

Author Kaye George used the Word Search compiler I posted last week to make a word search for her upcoming novel Requiem In Red.  Isn't that so fantastic?

Requiem comes out April 12 and is the sequel to Eine Kleine Murder featuring  conductor Cressa Carraway.

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Early Demise of Five Things Friday

The Five Things Friday meme has proven too much for me. I've tortured all week over potentially interesting things to list.  I can't be tormented by a mere meme.  Too much pressure agh.....

So here is my final weak attempt then we shall speak of Friday no more.

1.   The BeFunky Collage Maker      I have some unknowably keen desire to make collages but haven't found a tool that worked well for me in the past.  Enter the BeFunky Collage Maker which is a dream to use.  I haven't tried all the options yet, but I will!

2.    A new Word Find Compiler that makes your Word Find in interesting shapes!!! Even a TRAIN!  Tragically due to beautiful weather and trying to figure out "five things"  (what an excuse!)  I don't have a Word Find or a Puzzle ready for tomorrow.  Tsk.

3. Here's a really cheapo one:   I weighed the same on my home scale and at the doctor's office this week.  Whoa. Shoes on and everything.

4.   Dept of even more boring things you didn't know about me:  I've been wanting to learn some basic upholstery for quite awhile, but it has always seemed daunting.  I have my mom's old easy chair which really needs a new cover and SPROING the springs are kittywampus.

I've noticed on HGTV that they are upholstering left and right with a Staple gun, but ohhh too scary for me. THEN  I came across this post:

Off to Home Depot I went.   Some days you can't find any help there, but I tracked this puppy down on my own.  I'm ready.

I have to add her blog to the crafty roll yet.  You may notice I've added quite a few decorating and  furniture refinishing type blogs to that roll.   I think it fits in the "beautiful things" category nicely.  Also, crochet and embroidery bloggers are human too and they float right out into the sunshine like I do.  The DIY women take no prisoners or breaks though, so there's a nice stream of creative ideas flowing all year long.

5. It is warm enough to start bringing out my metal shelves and milk cans and making my new shed look all adorable.   Ah, the sunshine.