Friday, March 4, 2016

Five Things Friday

This blog meme might turn out to be harder than I thought.  I think the purpose is to encourage the blogger to think positively and think of five things that made them happy/grateful/inspired this week. 

Although I'm 99% an optimist, I do have my moments.  If I've had a cranky making week, we could see:

1.  Didn't tell anyone off.

2.  Was unable to reach my butt with the toe of my boot and give myself a swift kick.

3. Ate like a pig and loved every bite, oink oink oink.

4. Dreamed I was in college and late for a test...

5.  Slid in dog poo.

Without further ado:

1.  Spring feels close!   Except for today which tragically wants to be wintery, feast your eyes on this forecast:

I started a fresh garden notebook this morning.

I've dreamily plotted out my garden season.  Noted the seeds I already have so I don't duplicate when I'm out shopping. 

My plant stand needs to be cleaned off but I arranged all of the seed trays and covers on it so I can see what I have.

Tomorrow I step out into the sunshine!

2.   After losing my beloved Maximus Prime beagle to cancer recently, I find myself trying to win over our other beagle.  She really only loves my husband and son (as Max only loved me) but I am in need of beagleness and beagle snuggles.  She is coming and laying by me more often even when the more desirable ones are around.  I will win her over with belly rubs, kisses on the head and soft beagle talk.

3.    March is National Crochet Month!  I'm piecing together the afghan I reported on last March--my how time flies.  I'm winding my purple skeins of yarn into balls in preparation for starting that next project.

4.     I'm pleased I'm posting regularly on my blogs.  And a few peeps are stopping by.  Thanks!

5.  The best thing this week was seeing a new oncologist and once more getting a clean scan report.  I have outlasted my original diagnosis of 24 months (like a boss) and am whooshing my way towards my fifth "cancerversary".    D.O.A. still, but in a good way :)

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  1. Dear DOA, I've been MIA online for a bit, so I'm late late late, but wanted to congratulate you on your last point--it's a biggie!