Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crochet for Bozos: Scrunchie

The second project in my book uses single crochet to attach yarn chains to a common, previously boring Scrunchie.

It was good practice mostly as I tried to keep a looser tension on the yarn (somehow I like to keep it in a sort of stranglehold).  I also hold the hook differently than the recommended "pencil" or "pinch" methods and I'm trying to change that because I'm not very efficient in my moves.

It didn't come out too badly.  I can't see myself wearing it, but I did get a volunteer to try it on.


  1. What's your book? I'll bet my granddaughters would like this one.

  2. The book is upstairs, I'll send you a Facebook msg tomorrow morning with it. I feel compelled to poke a bit of fun at the book, maybe it is the girl and her mugshots....So I was trying to dodge giving the title. I'm a bad one. Next up is a double crochet Friendship bracelet with beads woven in. Must find my Tapestry needle before starting that one.

  3. It's possible I won't ever crochet it anyway. I haven't touched my hooks in quite a while. I know where they are, though! Thanks.