Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Crochet: Square One

Here we are in the doldrums (I think) of winter and I feel the desire to be crafty.

You may recall the tragedy of my being unable to make a Granny Square though I've done them in the past.

I decided to start all over re-learning crochet.  Though there are bazillions of YouTube videos they tend to go too fast for me. Or the person's voice or creepy hands start distracting me.

I have a couple of learning to crochet books of my own including one for kids.  I figure these guys are talking to an audience at about my ability level, and I should start with the simplest projects imaginable.  

Today I shall attempt a chain stitch shoelace. With the help of the cat.

Figure A  short and ucky chain stitch.  Not sticking this in my shoe!

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