Monday, January 26, 2015

Crochet Fail: Half Double Crochet Bracelet

If I had a Crochet Blog, I would have to call it Crochet Fails.  Luckily I am sticking with my all things under the sun blog.

I decided to force myself to push through  making the Friendship Bracelet from my " I Can Crochet" book while watching Downton Abbey and Grantchester last night.

Once again I made my chainstitch row and my single crochet row like a boss.  A boss with a death grip on the hook and yarn...

Next we make a double crochet or two, draw a bead up the string, hook it in, it's all good.

Skip two chain spots and do a double crochet, pull up a bead, repeat 9 times.

Somewhere in here things went south.  I had trouble getting my needle in loops, my hook got stuck on the middle loop of every single half double crochet.  That middle bit of yarn was just pinned to the hook.  

I found I kept muttering "nightmare" as I struggled along.

Finally the beads are all woven in and I'm at step 12 in the pattern.  My "ends" don't remotely resemble the book and I just said "To Hades with this".  I ruthlessly made a chain and tied it to the other end of the piece, and done.

Here is how it is supposed to look:

The next project (yes, I'm soldiering on!!) is a scarf that is Double Crochet. I'm hoping that no beads and nice straight rows will be just the thing.

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