Saturday, May 9, 2015

Perfect Plant Perfect Pot

One of the fun parts of gardening is finding charming pots and placing just the right plant in it.

A Mother's Day gift: Ageratum Artist's Blue.  It will go on the blue milk can.

From Chenoweth Floral: Caladium Pink Splash.  It is so sweet in my tulip shaped vase and will be on the pink milk can.

Some pink begonias not labelled... For my hanging teapots. They can take sun or shade over the course of the day.  I think they will do better in these pots than the trailing flowers I tried last year.

Secretly you're dying to know how the Grand Pea Experiment is doing.


  1. The peas, right? Thank you! Nice to have my loyal commenter back :)

  2. The peas AND the pots! After Malice, we stayed with your daughter's family for a few extra days. It was a very nice trip--came home thoroughly exhausted. She has a 2 yo and a 4 yo--both boys.

    1. ...Your daughter since I only have a son.... ;) Two and four! Those are ages full of excitement for everyone! Nice for everyone that you got to visit.

  3. 2 sons and 1 daughter, and a total of 7 grandkids! At one point I thought I'd never have any.