Monday, June 6, 2016

Wascally Wabbits

A warren of rabbits has made itself comfortable in my garden.  I haven't had any problems with them since putting up the privacy fence, bolstered by bricks all along the bottom edge to keep the beagles from digging.

My son spotted some baby bunnies mid-week last week.  They're wreaking havoc.  My Three Sisters bed has only two surviving siblings, though they did chew the corn leaves, they didn't touch the squash.

Last night, despite rain and high winds, they ate the remaining bean leaf and devoured every single celery plant.  Grrr!!!!

Three Sisters Before

Three Sisters After

Outlier Bean

(Sniff) Celery

I did get some protection from my improvised milk carton shields, but they blew off in the high winds yesterday.

I was going to put some chicken wire around the Three Sisters bed as protection and to hold in the squash, but now I'll need to place some all around the vegetable garden--something I had done in the early days of the garden when I still had a picket fence, but its a pain.

Somehow I'm going to try to flush the rabbits out of their snuggly spot, thinking let the beagle on a leash try to sniff them out, get them to leave the yard through the open gate, then go all around the perimeter to reinforce the brick barricade at ground level.  Could work!


  1. I always put chicken wire around everything! Even when I was in MN. One year, as I turned the dirt over in the spring, I discovered carrots has wintered in the ground, invisible because rabbits had eaten off their tops, WITH chicken wire in place. The carrots were still good, though.

    1. I have been so lucky that I haven't had the little furballs for a long time. I'm going to outsmart them!