Thursday, June 9, 2016

Territorial Seed Company : Your Guide for Autumn, Winter, and Overwinter Gardening

A new Territorial Seed Company catalog came this week.  I like it's take on the idea of doing a second planting for fall, something which may or may not be practical here in the frozen north.

If you actually can successfully plant new seed batches in June and July, and harvest them before the snow flies, that would be excellent.  It not only gives a second crop, but if you had a rough start to your season (everything eaten by rabbits, cough cough), you can feel as if you had a successful season after all.   Gardening is all about hope, renewal and reinvention, right?

Of interest to me are:

Merlot Lettuce which I found I had noted in a long ago garden tour as something to find.  I must have thought it stunning to note a vegetable in my garden tour notes.  I don't think this picture  from the Territorial site likely does it justice.

Greenhouse Replacement Cover   No matter how careful you are, the zipper on your mini-greenhouse is going to break with a certainty by at least season three.  Grr, so annoying.  You can use the mini-greenhouse as a great season extender in spring, but if you can't close that zipper, you can't get the best protection for your plants.  As they sit in the greenhouse in the sunlight daytime, it gets pleasantly warm and you can have the "door" open. At night, when you zip it up, there are what I think must be greenhouse gases(?) that create a nice steamy situation for your plants and seedlings.  I really need a working cover.

A Nursery Label Pen that lasts the season and doesn't have the lettering gone on your plastic plant labels by mid-season would be so welcome.  This Sharpie variant actually says "industrial" on it. Maybe it is The One.

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