Friday, June 17, 2016

DOA In the Garden With The Plants and Rabbits

Rabbits love peppers, even jalapenos.  And Jacob's Ladder, and lots of stuff.  They're babies though, just babies.  I continue my efforts to block them from the vegetable garden.  Lots in bloom despite them.

Daylily Barbara Mitchell

A Peony I gave to my sister lives on somehow and will need rescuing.

My beautiful smoke bush. My son hates it because it pokes him while he mows. 

California Wonder Peppers before rabbit attack.  3 left.

My watermelon wishes it were consistently warmer, but otherwise it is happy enough.  Probably busy sending down those deep roots.


Cosmos in bloom

Beagle beagle beagle.

Spiderwort and heuchera

Apple Zestar, the first apples that have grown since planting



Daylily Lullaby Baby

Finally the vegetable garden is looking good, though under attack.

Coleus and gomphrena

Persian Shield



  1. I want to BE there! Rabbits eat jalapenos? Crazy.

    1. I'd love to see you if you're ever visiting in MN. I'm surprised on the jalapeño too, I guess only the peppers themselves are hot. I think there's a Ghost Pepper and the entire plant is hot.
      I'm going out tonight finally to get more hardware cloth to thwart them.

    2. I dragged Hubbie out to get some flats of marigolds just now. Pedestrian, I know, but I love them.

    3. I love Marigolds too and usually have some, but none so far this year. I wish I could find those really tall ones I had one year. I also like the white ones, but they're not very robust.

  2. I've never seen white ones! They're nice and repellent to some animals.

    1. I may have mostly grown the white varieties from seed.

  3. Those are gorgeous! My plan was to do all my potted flowers from seed this year, but I didn't get that done! Now it's too late, so it's plants--again.

    1. I'm getting such a late start on things this year, but it's all coming together. Seeds will be viable next spring, it's all good.