Friday, March 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Friday Edition

Facebook, where I mostly seem to post these days, (I have such a nice community of people I know and wish I knew) has an informal "Throwback Thursday" where you post some picture of yourself from another era and everyone goes, "ha ha weren't you always the bozo, though!"

I missed it yesterday so from the archives, and because my spouse mentioned once again he likes my posts but I never write any...

The old farm where my mother spent some of her very early years.  Taken from inside my car before the BIG DOG came running up to let us know we were interlopers.

My spouse and I are going to do a day trip this spring to the southern part of the state to walk the ground where my other side of the family lived.   I've been in the area twice I think and could not find the cemetery where my rellies rest, but nobody is better at Google maps than Mr. DOA so I think we've got a shot. 

I have zero pictures of that side of the family for my scrapbooks so maybe something snuggly like their gravestones will bring them to life, isn't that so silly.  You need visuals though, of some kind, to awaken the past.


  1. You make me feel guilty I haven't been back to the Illinois graveyard of my relatives for so long. I have the distinct advantage in knowing exactly where it is. The farm looks lovely. Have fun on the spring trip!

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  3. Typo.... I think being where that side of the family all lived when they came to Minnesota might give me a bit of a feel for the place, and a small bit of the times and people. Research, character background. Since I can never know them, at least I may be able to imagine them.

  4. I felt that way in the graveyard at Natoma KS where my ancestors, back to great-greats are buried.