Sunday, March 16, 2014


I am setting up to start more seeds today.  I already have some onions, rutabaga, Sweet William, lovage and rosemary started.

I looked at my seed packets in late February and started anything that wanted 100 days or more for a growing season.

Using Firefox to post, I see I still have the Google search bug where anything you search on Google just brings up ads :(    Duck Duck Go works fine, but doesn't ever get the best results as a Google search does.

Anywho, some will go on the plant light stand and some I'll put in gallon milk jugs and set out in the garden or back steps (whichever I can get to) using a technique I saw at a seminar in January done by the folks from the Minnesota Horticultural society.   Who can tell with this long winter when spring will actually arrive? 

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