Friday, December 31, 2010

If I Ran the Library Circus

If I Ran the Library Circus, an End of the Year Fantasy

In all the whole town the most wonderful spot is behind the reference desk at the library.
Its just the right spot for my wonderful plans.
If I can answer all the questions a day spans.

Now a librarian like me, said Librarian D.O.A.
Could help all these people with just a bit of time
I could give them a great pile of books to read.
And chop through their Internet questions.
Find them wonderful movies, perhaps two or three.
And then the library would be ready, you see

All ready to put up the chairs for my performers
with some extras on the side for the squirmers
The Library Circus, the world’s greatest show
on the face of the earth or wherever you go.

The Library Circus! That heaven for readers!
The Library Circus! Where we help followers & leaders
The Library Circus! Colossal! Stupendous!
Astounding Stories! Fantastic Films! Terrific Technologies! Tremendous talks!

I’ll bring in my actors, musicians and will never frown
from a thousand and three faraway towns
to the place where you’ll see em, ladies and gents,
the large meeting room behind the reference desk!