Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Other Duties As Assigned

In my thirty or so years in the business, I have been really lucky to have dealt with few "bodily fluids incidents". This afternoon, I was informed that there was a small wee personage in the children's restroom turning the water on and off with a little too much relish and regularity. (That isn't how the customer put it).

In I went, and there, happily filling the sink with rushing water was a small child who had cleverly shredded a good half roll of TP into the sink, clogging it. I asked her to go find mama, and take her bear along too (thankfully he hadn't gone for a swim). Although it was only cold water and TP, it seemed gross somehow. I found rubber gloves, but the water was at the top of the sink and when I plunged my gloved hand into the cold papery water the water went right on over the top. Ick.
It took about ten minutes to clear the drain. I sooo need a shower. Gross, gross.


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!



  2. That's nothing. A couple months ago someone, I really hope it was a child, pooped on the floor in front of the toilet in the mens. The bathroom floors are tiled with little bitty tiles. I had to put gloves on and clean off the floor while making sure to clean out the low spots where the grout is. I sprayed A LOT of disinfectant.

    That was the second time this has happened.

  3. Awful stuff, Gerard.

    The mens room is always a fiercesome thing to be reckoned with, but, your troubles are something we hope never to see here.