Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whine...No 23 Things Flash Drive For me :( :( :(

So...23 Things on a Stick is over, and everyone here got their congratulatory 23 Things Flash Drive, but nothing for poor D.O.A. I finished first too! *Sniff*

Maybe...because my blog is so funny they are sending one made with a lil' skull on it....

Maybe...they're sending one made of CHOCOLATE!

Maybe...mine will be Bigger! 200 million gigabytes of storage!

Maybe they forgot me :( *sniff*


  1. Poor DOA!

    For shame, 23 Things!

    Is there no justice in this world????


  2. My faithful Lush! Thanks, I feel better.

  3. I wrote to Metronet, lets hope they have something on the way for me.