Saturday, March 21, 2015

Raised Beds : Getting Ready for Spring Planting

I've been working the soil in my raised beds with a hoe, just loosening things up.

I'm pleased that I spent extra time in the fall making sure all plant roots and leaves from the season were gone.  The previous year I had done a terrible job and it was a mess come spring.

Though I took care of that sort of thing, I still have tree feeder roots in the beds so I have to go back with my Groundbreaker and chop those bad boys out.

It is the big guy that looks like it has a double headed axe.  It has never met a piece of hard ground or a tree root it couldn't persuade to leave town.  My favorite tool.


  1. I NEED one of those! Is that the official name, groundbreaker?

  2. It does say it right on it. I've had it for a long time. I will check tomorrow to see if there is a brand name. You can find similar tools by searching "groundbreakers". The type I have lets you break ground with one end and the other end is like a hatchet for roots. I see some that are for digging on both ends, but mine is better, I think.