Wednesday, March 4, 2015

DOA On TV: Survivor Worlds Apart Week 2

What a fine episode, loaded with bare bodies--all smudgey on TV, thank heavens.  It seems by day three or four people start to really have trouble in the game.  They aren't eating or sleeping well, maybe they don't have enough fresh water.  The Thin Veneer of Civilization begins to crack.

The Top Five Who Lost Their Veneer this week:

Max (White Collar)


A college professor who teaches classes on Survivor, he must have missed the many episodes where a person stands out right away by flaunting bizarre behavior.  He dropped his skivvies in front of everyone and strode off along the beach to swim.  I thought he was dodging work, also a no no, but he claimed it was freeing and he could guarantee he'd be able to swim and think alone. Ya.   He did inspire fellow white collar mate Shirin to drop her drawers while she washed dishes.  Many eyes were averted.  Too many cheeks spoil the broth.

Nina (No Collar)

Many people have a breakdown at this early point in the game and it is always hard to see.  Usually the player is fine afterwards and can go on.  Nina really felt left out of things, particularly by younger girls Jenn and Hali.  I think it was a shame Nina made Will feel Vince was targeting Will as weak because he has asthma, that came out of nowhere, and it weakened the very good alliance numbers that she, Will and Vince had going into tribal.

Mean Girls Gotta Be Mean: Jenn, Lindsey, Sierra

Lumped together here this week are Jenn from No Collar who had no human sympathy for Nina's problems of the night and from Blue Collar  Lindsey and Sierra.  Lindsey and Sierra never give Dan a moment's rest from heckling, sneering and general mean girl snark.  If he goes they'll just find someone else to pick on.

Sent home tonight:  Vince Sly the Coconut Salesman, even though he was actually reasonable enough all night.  Nina's stabby stabby to Will made Will vote against Vince and voila, alliance gone.

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