Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sitemeter Redirect

I've been seeing lots of re-directs and problems with My Space popping up as I read blogs on my blog roll.  

I looked up one of the redirect sites this morning and found that Sitemeter and its pop up pal My Space have been purchased by some Ad Spammy company.

Removing Sitemeter stopped the redirects immediately.  If you click on a link on your blog and see a strange address in the address line before getting to your site, take that puppy down.


  1. Thanks for that! I do use it and will watch out for this.

    1. It started with My Space popping up all of the time for me when I'd leave a linked site and try to go back to my blog roll. DOA would be gone and MySpace would be there. I started watching when I clicked to see if My Space was coming up on certain blogs and it wasn't but that's when I noticed another site address would show up before the actual site came up. I looked up the redirected site name and that is where I found that Sitemeter makes adware type connections. Too bad, I liked checking my stats.

  2. I also use Statcounter for another site if you'd like to try that one.