Wednesday, March 4, 2015

DOA on TV: Survivor Worlds Apart

 I hadn't watched Survivor for a few seasons because they kept recycling old, mostly annoying characters.  One of the things I enjoy about Survivor is seeing an all new group of people go into the jungle and get eaten alive by all manner of things. 

The current group includes all new people with some really grand personalities.  Many of these people have been watching the show forever, they say. 

Somehow, everything they know goes out the window as soon as they hit the beach.  They seem to say and do every stupid thoughtless thing imaginable.  What's not to like?

This time players are in Three Groups:  White Collar, Blue Collar, No Collar.   The players seem fine with being slotted into these categories and are in fact almost working to exemplify the categories.  Very interesting.  Survivor as social experiment lives again.

My Top Five Players from Last Week  (Not thinking Good or Bad, just that they stood out):

Carolyn Rivera   White Collar Tribe  Smart, Saavy   Found the Idol two others had the clue for.  I wanted to smack her for telling Tyler she had it (Why why why???), then again for not using it.  She did escape at Tribal anyway.  So stupid she told that bozo about it.

Dan Foley    Blue Collar   He seems like a good guy who wants to get booted asap.  He must know that he should lay low and keep his snoot out of motion, but Yakety Yak, he talks back.

Jenn Brown   No Collar    She is just so down to earth, a really good player, and she seems like she's having a blast, so we do too, whenever she's on screen.

Joe Anglim  No Collar   Great team player, really kicking it in challenges, low key personality around camp.  Seems like a sweetie.

Vince Sly  No Collar   This guy is trying way too hard to get the Survivor Stalker Creepy Guy Award right off the bat.  Very intense.  What was he thinking when he imagined how his personality would fit in, in such an environment?

Sent Home Tonight:  So Kim for being an all too obvious and early liar and conniver.

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