Friday, September 18, 2009

Survivor Samoa Episode 1: The Devil and the Deep Blue Innocents


We're off to a great start. Tribes had already been split up by the time they got to the island and the first order of business was to have each group vote for a leader. They didn't know names so everyone wrote down descriptions of what the intended chief looked like, which was humorous.

Zooming right into the first challenge, the chief had to pick:

The best swimmer
The strongest
Most agile

This all without knowing anything at all about his fellow tribespersons. They had a huge coil of rope which they carried over a set of three tall steep ramps (the entire tribe had to go).

Tribe Galu led by Russell the Lawful (a lawyer, and a good guy as opposed to Russell the Oily, our robber baron oil exec) worked together pulling each other over the ramps nicely.

Tribe Foa Foa led by Mick the Doc sort of had an everyone for themselves thing going until Jeff shouted out how much better the Galus were doing working together.

Next they pulled a heavy box of wooden puzzle planks up a ramp. On the Foa Foa side Russell the Oily looked like a caricature of a wild orc trying to pull the rope up seemingly on his own. He honestly looked like he was being filmed in fast motion. Most entertaining of our little troll.

The puzzle contest was won out by the cooperative Galus and they won reward. This was particularly satisfying since during the challenges and in the opening Russell the Lawful was being such a nice guy and saying encouraging things about his tribe to the sneers of a few Foa needer, needer the nice guys finished first.

Standout personalities were:

Mick the Doc

Russell the Lawful

Russell the Oily

Hillbilly Ben


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