Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Facebook Wars!

I recently deleted my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I'm certainly not missing them at all but apparently there is supposed to be some guilt level associated with stepping out of these social circles.

A New York Times article entitled Facebook Exodus talks about a trend of abandoning these sites, and the reasons people might say sayonara. None of the reasons they have listed are my own (but I have a list of about ten things that bothered me about Facebook, especially). It is really fascinating how people interact or not in these milieu.

I found a bent-world mimic site called Lamebook that is just loaded with the worst possible behavior that you can find on any "personal interaction site" that I don't recommend you look at unless you have a tough stomach for vile language and truly idiotic human behavior. It has screen shots from Facebook, lots of ex-boyfriends and girlfriends dukeing it out publicly. What's under that social rock? Bad doggies!

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