Thursday, September 3, 2009

Survivor Samoa September 17th, Yo Ho

Twenty people this time, so that means they chop off four people at a time in some early challenge. Something to pare down the numbers quickly, in any case. I'm not going to try to look at their pictures and decide who gets the bootski first this round. I could not have been more wrong last time. I am watching all of the videos slowly and reading the bios.

Standouts so far:

Ashley, a perky girl from lovely Minnesota. I think she'll hang in there for awhile because her intended strategy is pretty good, plus there are some real big time odd balls. She can stay well under the radar for awhile.

Dave!!!! Holy cow dude. Your shirt shouldn't look like that till 15 days in. Plus he's like wired for bad sound. He is not going to have the patience or ability to be strategic in any way.

Erik...too pugilistic and cocky. I can see the target on his back from here.

More after I pour over all the information.

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