Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Forgotten (Season Premier)

This is one of the new television series that I thought looked promising. As it turned out, it was a good mystery show.

The volunteers of the "Forgotten Network" pick up where the Chicago police are forced to leave off on unidentified murder case victims. They have a limited time to find the identity of the victim, and hopefully find the killer. The time frame is determined it seems by the closing of the case by Chicago police and the time of the funeral in a "Potter's Field" grave.

Members of the Forgotten Network in Chicago are:

Alex Donovan (Christian Slater) who leads the group and is a former cop.

Candace Butler (Michelle Borth) who has a mind-numbing day job.

Lindsay Drake (Heather Stephens) A High school teacher whose husband is in prison for murder.

Walter Bailey (Bob Stephenson) a gentle giant who works for the phone company and who has a picture of himself and Dennis Franz of NYPD Blue in his car for inspiration.

Tyler Davies (Anthony Carrigan) an artist who reluctantly helps the group re-create the victims faces from what remains as part of a community service sentence.

Alex Donovan's contact at the police department who shows up whenever he needs a practicing cop is Grace Russell (Rochelle Aytes).

I feared this might be a little grisly, as these shows can be these days, but except for quick shots of the victims, emphasis is on solving the puzzle of the victim's identity and not on the crime itself.

It is a quirky but so far effective plot device to have the victim narrate their own story.

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