Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Frederick Pohl: The Way the Future Blogs

I was taking a peek at Locus Online this morning and there on a sidebar they listed a blog entry by noted science fiction novelist Frederick Pohl! What a find! I had no idea he was writing a blog.

The blog is called The Way the Future Blogs The longtime author, editor and legend of the science fiction field shares his thoughts on many topics, including stories about his fellow science fiction authors over the eighty some years he has been writing.

Here's an article from the New York Times (who are not so stuffy as I have always thought since someone there is writing nice things about my old heroes, such as Pohl and Jack Vance).

My favorites by Pohl are:

Man Plus
Rogue Star (with Jack Williamson)
The Starchild Trilogy
The Way the Future Was
The World at the end of time

His latest novel is The Last theorem co-written with Arthur C. Clarke.

Pohl's main website is here.

Weasley side note: I actually met Frederik Pohl very briefly when he came to a science fiction convention hosted at my alma mater. I shook his hand! Die of envy, go ahead! hehehe.


  1. I've never met Pohl, but I do enjoy his blog. I never met Vance, either, but he likes my books. That's even better!

  2. Ok you've got me beat on the handshake vs the utter coolness of a favorite author liking your books :)

    Can I brag that another favorite author reads my blog and comments now and then?

    Major "jewels in the crown" stuff right there!