Thursday, September 10, 2009

Which Betsy-Tacy Character Are You?

Via the Book Club Girl Blog, one of those irresistible quizzes.

Which Betsy-Tacy character are you?
Your Result: Betsy Ray

As a child, Betsy is lively and imaginative, a story-teller and a ring-leader. As she grows up, Betsy is popular with both boys and girls because of her fun spirit and love of a good time. She loves traditions, having fun, parties, and boys, but she sometimes undervalues herself and her talents. In the end she learns to love her true self and comes to realize and value her love of writing, and makes her dream a reality. Although she has had many beaus, she ends up with the one best suited to her (Joe Willard!), who understands her love of writing and encourages her to be her real self.

Tib Muller
Emily Webster
Tacy Kelly
Carney Sibley
Irma Biscay
Winona Root
Julia Ray
Which Betsy-Tacy character are you?
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I get to be the heroine of the tale! I've never read any of the books, but they are always right up there on my "I should read these" book list. At least this time I didn't turn out to be some simpering side character. There's hope yet.

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